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May 14, 2006

Georgia Wins 11th. RPI Stands at #9

Josh Morris broke the HR record vs. Auburn

[UPDATE: Since this article was originally written, has updated the RPI stats. We're now up to #8. Clemson is still #1 and GT is still #4]

Georgia beat Auburn to win its 11th in a Row. We play Kentucky this weekend for the SEC Championship, and we have to sweep them to take it.

Which brings us to a discussion of the post-season. updated his RPI standings before Sunday's games, and he shows Georgia at #9 in the latest standings. Georgia Tech is #4. Tech finishes up the season with the high powered Miami Hurricanes in Atlanta.

JimFromDuluth has another baseball update over on

Georgia looks like a near lock to host a Regional, but it's not out of the question that we would host a Super Regional. However, more than likely this very out of the loop blogger thinks that we're looking at playing Tech in the Super Regional.

(Note: With Clemson #1, GT #4, Bama #5, UNC #7 and UGA #8 in the RPI standings, we're going to need to *really* close strong vs. UK and the SEC Tourney to get a super regional).



Nathan said...

Baseball in the state of Georgia is so good it's not funny. And honestly, outside of football I don't really mind Georgia sports (Basketball is really off my radar, and the baseball teams are just two really good teams in a fairly even rivalry).

While a Super at either Tech or UGa is going to be highly charged, it should also be a blast.

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