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May 12, 2006

God Bless Bobby Felmy. Dawgs Topple Tech

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Georgia's Bobby Felmy delivered an RBI double in the bottom of the 11th inning to win the game for the Dawgs 5-4. Tech fans may remember Felmy from his Super Regional heroics two years ago against the Jackets.

Honestly, I never grow tired of beating Georgia Tech, and the only thing better than beating them is beating them after they had...hope. When GT tied the game late to send it into extra innings, the Tickle Pilers surrounding me were in a tizzy. When UGA ended it in the 11th, their moment of hope only made the final defeat that much sweeter.

"Hope can drive a man insane in a rivalry like this," said Ellis Boyd Redding (GT Class of '40)

My favorite moment of the game was Danny Hall getting tossed. As I sat with Dawgnoxious in the middle of the Tech section we observed that Hall's behavior might not be in perfect keeping with Bobby Dodd's Total Person Concept. This sound, well-reasoned argument drew the ire of a local Techie / Chan Gailey look alike.

Mr. Quasi-Gailey informs his 10 year old son, "I don't care where you go to college, just don't act like those two drunks."

The humor? Dawgnoxious and I had two beers total between us. The drunk Techies who could barely stand were adorable to him. The sober UGA fans who were enjoying the win were out control classless jerks.

Typical techies. His speech to his kid only made it that much more enjoyable.

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God Bless the Dawgnation.



Anonymous said...

Yes, sitting with mostly Tech fans tonight reaffirms what I've witnessed from them time and time again. Behavior by UGA fans that they often scoff at with righteous indignation is actually considered cute or even encouraged amongst themselves.

Drunken Tech fans constantly yelling out obsenities in front of children and wishing throat cancer on a pre teen UGA fan for cheering when Josh Smith cracked a two run homer isn't exactly something the folks in yellow should tolerate. But a bunch of them sure did tonight.

Anonymous said...

Gordan Beckham is legit. This kid is All American before he's gone.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

The fact that one beer automatically turns someone into a "drunk" should kind of give you an idea of what kind of social lives Techies are raised with.

Bravo to the Dawgs -- wish I could've been there in person, but I'm gonna try to go next year. Just out of curiosity, have the Jackets beaten us at anything in the last 12 months?

SlobberKnocker said...

Lost in all the coverage was the perfectly executed squeeze play. As a long time player and fan of the game, I don't know if there is anything prettier than a perfect squeeze play. The late inning herocis were great, but I thought there would at least be some mention of this play.

Anonymous said...

This is behavior I've come to expect from Tech fans. At the game this year we had a few talking trash (and not good natured ribbing) until we let them know things might get physcial soon if they didn't shut up. Also, another one of my favorite Tech fans was at the UGA-GT game two seasons ago. The Tech student gets the bright idea to sit in the UGA student section, then decides to talk more than he can back up, then after they lose, he finally pushes his way out of the section to leave and knocks a UGA girl down. It took an admirable effort from a security guard for the guy to not get his ass kicked by at least 20 guys.

Dawgnoxious said...

tcnii: you're absolutely right about the squeeze play. The suicide squeeze was my highlight of the game. Props to Perno for manufacturing a run 90 feet at a time. As I recall, the runner stole second base to get into scoring position.

When Danny Hall was having his whiny bitch-fest, and PWD said "That's the Total Person Concept right there. Just like Bobby Dodd would have handled it!" I thought the Gailey look-alike in front of us was going to come unglued. Hey, a stuck pig will squeal.

Canton Bulldog said...

Anyone know what our overall all sports record (Men & Women) against Tech is for 2005-2006?

I think we came pretty close to sweeping them in EVERYTHING.

Have we swept them in everything ever? If so, when?

Anonymous said...

PWD, the GTU behavior you describe is EXACTLY what I saw in November at The Joke By Coke.

Me and a pal and his family (HS age boys and 1 4th grade boy) sat in the box seats at about the 40 on the east side. One row in front, to our left, were a couple of tech boys and two badly overserved 30ish GTU women.

Directly in front of us were two little old men in their 60s in UGA hats who didnt say boo to anyone the whole game. The drunk girls asked them to move so they could bring more of their drunk, loudly profane friends to sit next to them.

The guys said, politely, no. We paid for these seats, we're staying in these seats. Please just leave us alone. You'd think that would be enough, but no.

One chick in particular let out a torrent of f-bombs for 10 minutes. She ranted profanely how much she hated all redneck UGA fans, how much they suck, how she'd like to kick all their f-in' asses, and finally, how she should kick THESE two guys asses.

No one said a word to her other than,'re right, honey, save for one lonely, mentally competent GTU chick who single handedly kept the drunk from getting arrested by blocking her from the two guys.

When Tim Jennings sealed the game, you've never heard a more profane outburst from all of them (save the one sane chick, god bless her, who apologized for all her friends.)

It's patent nonsense for GTU people to claim the moral high ground on behavior. I cant say NO UGA fan ever acts badly, but GTU people are by far the worst, most drunk, most profane fans I ever see anywhere. AU fans are hopeless rednecks, but they've never showered anyone with debris and empty bottles, which has happened more than once at the Joke. And GTU people brag about it.

It's always great to beat GTU...even though it happens for us all the time.

Anonymous said...

Well I just checked the UGA Web site and apparently tech has not won much from us this year. Ladies softball was a split other than that it appears to be total domination. Unable to tell with Tennis and track since they are all tournament type events. One on one nope not a thing. Why do we call this a rivalary?

Tech behavior is always been a problem one year buzz himself came after some friends of mine at the Joke. buzz started it but he sure did not finish it.

Anonymous said...

You guys need something like the Crimson & Gold Cup we have here at IU with Purdue. (sorry i don't know html)
It's nice to have something else to reminds us that IU is better than Purdue, as I'm sure UGA would enjoy as well with the Tech.

Anonymous said...

we have "The Governor's Cup" for football. But most Tech fans don't know that....because they've never seen it.


Dan said...

Joke of the thread:

This is truly the first time I have heard of the Governor's Cup.

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