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May 19, 2006

Inman Suspended?

Here we go again. has the story here and here. No confirmation yet, but this has train wreck written all over it.

The people we can't afford to lose are (in no particular order):
Dan Inman (b/c there's almost nothing at OT)
Nick Jones
Paul Oliver
Quentin Moses



Nathan said...

My younger brother knew Inman growing up and he's always been a solid kid ... if I had to pick a 'dawg to get in trouble he'd have been one of the last ones I choose. WTF happened?

Anonymous said...

From a solid source, this will be minimum 2 games.

Can't really say more, but needless to say Inman is in it fairly deep.

Nathan said...

That's a shame. Always proud of guys that make it out of Fayettenam/Hopeless Mills alive.

Hope whatever it is that he gets his crap together.

Anonymous said...

Why do they just keep testing the coach. Break the rules = suspension or worst. This guy is a senior does he think he's bullet proof? Dumb Dumb dumb.

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