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May 19, 2006

Six Degrees of Michael Adams

Somewhere there is a kid who didn't go to college asking himself, "how can I be on the Board of Regents one day?" You might be tempted to tell that kid that if you want to be on the governing body of the University System of Georgia, you should become knowledgeable about higher education issues, and it wouldn't hurt to be the graduate of a college or university, or even Georgia Tech. But, that would be naive advice. Because we all know that the road to the Board of Regents is paved with crony gold, but not necessarily diplomas.

No doubt in pursuit of job security, a Regent reluctantly recently turned himself in to the State Ethics commission for "inadvertently" violating Georgia's campaign contribution limits.

Like a fatter, more evil Kevin Bacon, there are just a few degrees of separation between Michael Adams and most dishonorable activity in Georgia. For example, the recent guilty plea of former State School Superintendent Linda Schrenko.

When you're compiling your night list of people to whom you are appreciative for allowing Michael Adams to destroy everything he touches remain president at UGA, include Board of Regents Chairman Tim Shelnut next to Don Leebern's name.

Regent/Adams Apologist Shelnut discovered his "inadvertent" ethics violation while preparing to be a witness in Schrenko's just-concluded federal corruption trial. Like fellow Regent/Adams Apologist Don Leebern, Regent Shelnut also does not have a college degree. I'm sure that fact is merely coincidental to why he & Leebern are complicit to allowing an undistinguished scholar and poor fundraiser from a small, obscure college to continue to run the state's flagship university in spite of behavior that would have been unbecoming more honorable men.

According to Bill Shipp (which admittedly is the factual and persuasive equivalent of beginning a sentence 'according to Furman Bisher'), Shelnut was "characterized by federal investigators as mighty cozy with former state school Superintendent Linda Schrenko. Shelnut’s name has surfaced as a money handler in the federal corruption trial against Schrenko."

So, hats off to Tim Shelnut. Stay Classy. Thanks for nothing.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully these bozos won't risk another possible loss of accredidation.

Anonymous said...

GREAT NEWS MUTTS!!!! TECH GET'S TO KEEP IT'S RECORD!!! GO JOE HAMILTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to stay on topic... jackass

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Tech "get's" to keep "it's" record. Outstanding. And they say we're the dumb ones.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is great News Tech Fans that Georgia Tech now has only Lost to UGA in Football 5 Consecutive Years - every year of the Coach Richt Era for The BuLLdawgs, while Chandler Gailey - now Starting his 5 Year at the Helm of Georgia Tech - has Lost Every Single Year of his "Era" at Tech.

This is as a result of the NCAA Ruling that is now Final that The Georgia Institute of Technology now twice has been Found Guilty in their Major Infractions Database and now Twice The NCAA has Officially put The Georgia Institute of Technology on Probation.

This one involving Football for 11 Top Georgia Tech football players, not a one of whom would have been eligible at any school to play, all playing for Georgia Tech.

This lands Tech on Probation in Football for the Next Entire Two Football Seasons, including a reduction in Scholarships from 85 to 79 each of the 2 seasons.

Indeed, this is great news to celebrate as a Tech fan, just as we see Reuben Houston trying to make a go of in the NFL - having admitted to the AJC that he had his infant on his lap in the van on Tech's Campus with 93 lbs. of drugs he was in giving directions to have the driver drive to a friend of his whom Houston admitted to the AJC that he was certain would sell the 93 lbs. of drugs he had on Tech's Campus before he got spooked, bailed out of the van, ran, and was tackled by FBI, GBI, Georgia State Patrol and Tech's Campus Security.

In the 21 Sports that Tech competes in and the 21 Sports UGA Competes in, Tech did NOT WIN in all the sports but 1.

Was she also not eligible ?

When this constitutes "Great News on The Georgia Institute of Technology Campus," what does that tell you ?

Anonymous said...

I can forgive Sonny for a lot but his appointment of Allan Vigil a damn Florida Gaytor to the BOR was the straw that pissed off the camel. Pure political hack. Sonny is there no UGA or GT or GSU grads that qualify as big enough contributors, you have to pay off a Gaytor?

surferjoe1 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
surferjoe1 said...

Actually, the 2000 win was empty for tech because they got it without cheating.

To have the cheating from Gaston (which will now continue under another generation of Georgia tech-controlled officiating in the SEC) and then have the admitted cheating in the classroom validated by the NCAA- well, it's a "golden" wet dream for the buggers.

So now we know- Joe Hamilton was cheating every time he stepped on the field as a bogus student. And you thought he was their hero before...

5/23/2006 9:05 PM

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