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July 18, 2006

Another Auburn Fark

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Anonymous said...

His math theory report said "a five year contract worth $31,000,000 is good"

Anonymous said...

You can perhaps excuse Carnell's youthful enthusiasm for the different theories of math. He certainly saw regular demonstrations of what a flexible approach to numbers can accomplish during his tenure as a student athlete at Moo Eagle U.

For example, 1 friendly professor times 153 "directed study" students plus a couple of regular classes equals the workload of 3.5 honest professors. I forget if you carry the one in any of those calculations.

Or, one megalomaniacal bank millionaire times huge cash contributions to former Governor/currently convicted felon Don Siegelman equals lifetime tenure on the Moo Eagle Board of Visitors, plus an unfettered hand to run Moo Eagle as said meglomaniac sees fit.

Always remember: Figures dont lie, but liars can figure.

Yost said...

LOL. Good stuff.

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