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July 18, 2006

New NCAA 2007 Game Launches Today: Sadly, no Bo Jackson

From Kissing Suzy Kolber via Deadspin, we get this classic video of the greatest video game athlete in history.

A quarter long TD run for the ages

Sure, Bo Jackson will be in the game via those mid-80s "classic" Auburn teams, but he won't be tricked out like Tecmo Bo.

I'll pick my game up at around 7 pm. Honestly, I won't have a review up til way after you've already formed your own opinion. So don't expect one.

That said, I won't be standing in line this year waiting for the FedEx guy. I did that once before. The scene looked like this as I called Dawgnoxious from EB Games at Northlake:
PWD: "So I'm standing here surrounded by 20 other guys who really need to get a life as bad as I do. All of us are waiting on the football game to be delivered. Been standing here for an hour waiting on the video game truck to come by, and I just realized that maybe my ex-girlfriend was right in her hinting that I need to grow up. You know....I am 31 years old."

Dawgnoxious: "Ahhh, don't sweat it dude. She's probably doing the same thing at another store."



Anonymous said...

The slo-mo high five after you scored in Tecmo Bowl...incredible.

Bo was "the man", but even more impressive was the play you could run in John Elway Quarterback where if you chose the "reverse play" your guy would become 3xs faster than anyone else. The graphics on JEQ were utterly dismal compared with Tecmo. Viva el Tecmo!

I retired my NCAA 2006 game last night. I'll never play her again and its a shame, being that UGA has won 6 straight national championships.

Unknown said...

EA stopped making NCAA for the Gamecube last year so I guess I'll sit this one out unless I can find a cheap PS2 or XBox. However, I am well aware that my refusal to spend more than $50 on a gaming system is the real culprit here.

Oh and it's easy to play Bo like that against an utterly pitiful for the time Pats D. I'm pretty sure Tampa was the only worse team in the game. Try that against the Bills or Giants or even Dallas and see how far you get.

Anonymous said...

If Tecmo Bo was realistic, he'd pull up with a sore hammy or a strained groin every time Moo Eagle U played Florida.

I think Herschel had more yardage by halftime of his freshman year against Florida than Bo had in his whole career.

Did Tecmo Bo occasional run to the right when you called student body left on the goal line? That would have been sweeeeeeeeeeet to see.

(if you had to listen to legions of irrational Moo Eagles blather on about how much better Bo was than Herschel (apparently, "it ain't even CLOSE"), you'd hate him, too. Fine RB, great athlete, but there's a reason he only averaged about 15 carries a game in college...when he answered the bell.

Anonymous said...

We had this discussion a few days ago on


Michael Pigott said...

My wife doesn't mind. She says it keeps me home and come 2am Friday night/Saturday morning, she knows were I'll be. Playing that game on my couch.

82 said...

Cool Hand Mike said...

My wife doesn't mind. She says it keeps me home and come 2am Friday night/Saturday morning, she knows were I'll be. Playing that game on my couch.

Thats kinda sad.

DAve said...

The two highest overall ratings for UGA belong to... wait for it... Brandon Coutu and Gordon Ely-Kelso. Does this portend disaster for the Dawgs or a season of 12-7 victories vis-a-vis poor opponents' field position coupled with good field goal kicking?

Unknown said...

Dave -- check out these comments from Jmac about the historical teams.



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