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July 13, 2006

Auburn's Got a Whistle Blower

As if the APR results weren't laughable enough, Tuberville had been telling recruits like Logan Gray, "They had the number three APR in the country and they’re up there with Harvard and some others schools." (Source:
Words that should never be used in the same sentence.
Harvard and Auburn.
Now it comes out that Auburn is investigating claims of free grades for students. Hopefully, this raises to the level of academic fraud like the HarrickGate stuff and Auburn gets a beat down.

From the Auburn Office of Communications'
Official Statement from the University President and Provost
Briefing Note: July 13, 2006

Summary: This Briefing Note addresses a complaint made through the Ethicspoint system and currently under investigation by the Office of the Provost. In the interest of keeping the AU community informed, Dr. Richardson requested these statements from him and the Provost be shared with you.

Statement from Dr. John Heilman, Provost:
Academic integrity is at the foundation of every university. At Auburn, we expect concerns related to academics to be reported through deans and department heads, but we also maintain an anonymous on-line system called Ethicspoint. In May, a complaint was made through the Ethicspoint system alleging that a single professor gave grades to student athletes for courses that required little or no work.

The Office of the Provost takes any concern related to academic processes at the University seriously. As a result, on June 5, I appointed a committee to investigate the anonymous claim. The work of the committee is not complete given the number of personal interviews that must be conducted.

The Committee will issue a report upon the completion of its work, and that report will be made public. Until that time, our office will have no comment on the investigation. I can assure you as Provost that academic misconduct will not be tolerated at Auburn University.

SNIP: PWD NOTE: In an effort to keep the blog readable on Friday, I'm snipping the press release. If you want to read it, hit the links above.
If Bobby Lowder is doing the investigating, then never mind.

This press release comes on the heels of rampant rumors of a New York Times investigation into Auburn for APR fraud.


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Anonymous said...

Wait, so you're telling me that the Irons boys aren't college educated? I don't believe that for a second. Kenny's discussion of candy and the interview in the Auburn student newspaper made them sound like scholars and gentlemen.

I'm sure Junior Rosegreen never took that class.

Anonymous said...

Eye fine it autragiss dat Aubern is gettin deez atticules. I was here n gotz a deeploma bcuz eye wurked herd.

Not bcuz eye plays foutbull.


Jamez Brookz

Dan said...

At first I was trying to figure out what the gleeful laughter I heard in the distance was. Then I realized that Kyle must have just read this article too.

Michael Pigott said...

When the president and provost both put out a statement, there's trouble @ the Alabama Polytechnical Institute. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Anonymous said...

I'd be pissed off too if I was an AU student and had spent all that time keeping my crayolas within the lines, only to see Kenny Irons turn his book in without colors. That SOB probably drank my Elmers, too!

Michael Pigott said...

You know, you go to Auburn to soak up the trailer life and cow shit, then the drama comes.

Michael Pigott said...

You know Tommy Tuberville is praying to all things holy that Miami fires Larry Coker next year.

Anonymous said...

Surely this can't be true. The bastion of integrity that is Auburn University wouldn't tolerate anything the least bit shady. Just look at their stellar history.

Pat Dye didn't have a shady reputation for cheating, did he? Heck no. Eric Ramsey may have enrolled on Pat's watch, but Pat probably had no idea what boosters were up to. Just because even Bobby "Snidely Whiplash" Lowder ran him off (with a nice hush money, errrrr, "severance package," it doesnt mean anything.

Terry Bowden? Surely a fine Christian man like TB wouldnt countenance any shady dealings...regardless of the words that came out of his own mouth once Snidely ran him off, too.

How many coaches was Snidely paying not to coach, anyhow?

And of course, we have Tommy Dumboville, the man who blithely assured Ole Miss fans he wasnt going he headed for the airport and the plane ride to the press conference in Auburn introducing him as the new coach. Who wouldn't trust that guy?

It is said the fish rots from the head. Well, Bobby Lowder is the head of that operation. Nobody over there so much as breaks wind without the green light from Snidely Lowder.

I could probably look this up, but hasn't AU been on probation more frequently than its won an SEC football championship? No wonder they're so eager to cheat. Tech has as many SEC football titles as AU, and they've been out of the conference since the Civil War. As much as UGA fans like to tweak South Carolina fans as the ultimate all talk/no trophies football program, it bears noting that since the Chikins joined the SEC in 92, they're only 1 SECC behind Auburn.

Suits me if those stump jumpin', trailer dwelling, cow chip on their shoulder blowhards end up in the NCAA hoosegow again.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention one thing:

I love the smell of schaedenfreude in the smells like.....VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!

or at least, NCAA probation, a revocation of the 2004 SEC title, and possible some "vacated" victories for those cheatin' ass barners.


Canton Bulldog said...

I have only read the first page of the NYT article (I have been sitting laughing uncontrollably) but thus far this is my favorite passage ...

The Auburn football team’s performance in the N.C.A.A.’s new rankings of student athletes’ academic progress surprised many educators on and off campus. The team had the highest ranking of any Division I-A public university among college football’s six major conferences. Over all among Division I-A football programs, Auburn trailed only Stanford, Navy and Boston College, and finished just ahead of Duke.
Among those caught off guard by Auburn’s performance was Gordon Gee, the chancellor of Vanderbilt, a fellow university in the Southeastern Conference and its only private institution. Vanderbilt had an 88 percent graduation rate in 2004, compared with Auburn’s 48 percent, yet finished well behind Auburn in the new N.C.A.A. rankings.
“It was a little surprising because our graduation rates are so much higher,” Mr. Gee said. “I’m not quite certain I understood that.”

Anonymous said...

WBCalhoun said "I mean if you have ever listened to an Auburn player interviewed you would immediately know this article is true."

Words don't describe how funny it is to see a quote like this on a UGA message board. I guess the university that gave us Reggie Brown, Odell Thurman and Quincy Carter have to find someone to pick on.

Anonymous said...

all school..

That was amazing.

Simply the best comment ever posted on a sports blog. Paul, it deserves its own post.

*standing ovation*

Anonymous said...

"Reggie Brown, Odell Thurman, and Quincy Carter"

Which one of these doesn't belong?

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