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July 14, 2006

The Day the Mooooosic Died (Auburn Tribute Song)

A NY Times Tribute Song for the Aubies.

The Day the Mooooosic Died
By: RedTusc

"A long, long time ago...
I can still remember *1957
How that moooosic used to make them smile.
And if Bob Lowder had his chance
That he could make those barners dance
And, maybe, they’d be happy for a while.

But July made the aubies shiver
With every NY Times delivered.
Bad news on the doorstep;
They couldn’t take one more step.

I can’t remember if I cried
While laughing at the barns raw hide,
The APR was once their pride
The day the moooooosic died.

So bye-bye, directed reading, guys.
Professor Petee was real seedy,
Even Junior scored high.
And them barner fans believed lie after lie
Singin’, mensa members need only apply
while signing kids from University High.

Did you write the book of Shug,
And do you have faith in Bo's diploma above,
If James Brooks tells you so?
Do you carry a Tp roll,
Can Toomers save your mortal soul,
And can you teach me how to speak real slow?

Well, I know that your academic light is burning dim
`cause I saw SACS setting up in the gym.
Pretty soon you'll have to kick off your shoes.
to count the # of your probation blues.

Tubby thought he was a teenage broncin’ buck
A huge signing bonus loaded in his pickup truck,
But I knew the barn was out of luck
The day the moooosic died.

I started singin’,
bye-bye directed reading, guys."
Professor Petee was real seedy
Even Junior scored high
and them barner fans believed lie after lie
singin’, mensa members need only apply
While signing kids from University High."

Directed Reading Students?

Hat Tip to DawgieStyle on The Porch.



Michael Pigott said...

I believe we have found the Francis Scott Key of sarcastic college football poems. Roll Tide.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Aubsessing.

Anonymous said...

AU'85 and that's some funny stuff.

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