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July 14, 2006

Paul Westerdawg to Guest Co-Host EDSBS

EDSBS Dawgie Style?

For my money, the top college football blog around these here Internets is the infamous EveryDayShouldBeSaturday (EDSBS) run by Orson Swindle.

After many months of stressful and often contentious contract negotiations involving more lawyers than a Donald Trump pre-nup agreement, Orson Swindle and I finally came to terms on a deal that names me as co-host of his blog while he's on vacation next week.

The contract's sticking point: He finally agreed that I don't have to post while wearing jean shorts. However, I do have to drive his IROC all week, and I can't shave my upper lip. Otherwise, it's a good deal for me.

That's right, I'll be hosting the biggest Gator blog on the planet with carte blanche, no holds barred, red and black opinions. Also co-hosting next week at EDSBS will be Peter Bean of BurntOrangeNation, SMQ of Sunday Morning Quarterback and the usual Gator in the room will be Stranko Montana.

I'll still be posting here, and Dawgnoxious will be helping out here. So stay tuned.

Paul Westerdawg
Georgia Sports Blog


John Radcliff said...

Nice banner Paul. Looking forward to it. You, Peter, and SMQ? Should be real good!

Michael Pigott said...

Congrats on the gig, big dog.

Jeff said...

You should just use that DGreene EDSBS banner here until you do something new.

I'm sorry, but that plain black banner has got to go. I wasn't gonna say anything, since I don't want to tell somebody how to use their own time, but I figure if you can make a decent banner just for a POST, you can make one for the blog.

Unknown said...

Jeff, I had a header. It was very nice.

I deleted it for a good reason.

If you'd like to discuss why, feel free to email me. My email is in my profile.

Paul Westerdawg

Galen said...

Congrats, Paul!
I'm guessing terms of the agreement prevent “unenthusiastic” comments of Urban Meyer and/or the old football coach?

Unknown said...

nothing like that Galen.

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