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July 28, 2006

More Media Days Coverage from Around the SEC

Ron Morris at The State starts things off saying that fans were cheated with the new 12 game schedule. Morris gives UGA no credit for scheduling Colorado to take advantage of the 12th game. No shocker there. (Image:

The Baton Rouge Advocate has an article on the NCAA's changes to clock management. They are working to speed up the game.

Fulmer and Vandy's Bobby Johnson trade barbs in the Nashville Tennessean. Johnson gets in a nice shot about Fulmer's recruiting budget. Good read.

The Gainesville paper has an article about Mark and Katharyn Richt's trying offseason.

And after reading all the articles about the QB Race, I feel like Stafford would REALLY have to wow Richt to beat out Joe T as starter for the first two games. Richt's talking about going with a guy that can best "manage the game" and "play to win right now." If Stafford can learn the playbook fast enough, he can take him. Otherwise, Joe T will end up starting the first few.



Anonymous said...

I love it that Fulmer is now relegated to trading barbs with Vandy rather than UGA, UF or Bama

Anonymous said...

I have anonymously said all along that JT3 is almost certian to be the QB. He played well last year against UF even though we didn't win, I don't blame him as much as the 1st qtr. D coming out flat and Martrez Milner's drop of a pretty good pass. I alos thnk that it is wrong to assume that neither Cox nor Barnes are in the mix. It is true that neither has shown much yet, but they have both been around and both are major talents. Finally, I know Matt Stafford wants to play. They all do. But he also wants to play WELL, and it may take a year to do that. It's a tough position.

Anonymous said...

While there were some questionable plays/drops that led to the L, watch Florida last year. We cut our playbook down pretty well for a guy who "knows the offense". Deep passes were nonexistent. Intermediate routes were just not thrown with the zip to complete it. Joe T struggled that game, and the coaches didn't appear confident to let him run the entire gamut of plays. Will Cox or Stafford or Barnes prove to the staff that they have the skills to make plays and the head to not make mistakes, they play. Joe T has been a damn good dawg, he's fought his butt off for the program, but as talent goes, he's not a championship winning qb imo. The Florida game just did not show my eyes what I consider a qb the staff has confidence in to do the things that need to be done. We can't run the Florida gameplan for 10 wins this fall. I just don't see him starting, and feel the staff and players have been well versed in maintaining the company line of "Open competition, Joe is the senior and #1 right now, with an open competiition come fall camp."

Unknown said...

Ben is right.

Look, I want JT3 to be successful. He seems like a good kid.

But, things would have to change dramatically from the JT3 we saw vs. ARK, UF and the Spring Game to think that he can lead us to 10+ wins.

Anonymous said...

"mo" Ron at The State had a brainfart from bashing the Cocks and Spurrier.

He'll get back on his meds Monday.

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