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July 28, 2006

Point Counterpoint -- Kyle You Ignorant Slut

Kyle King looks at the issue of "who to pull for in the GT vs. ND game," and he delivers a counterpoint to my argument that UGA fans should root for an Irish victory.

The convo went something like this.
Kyle: Paul, I know exactly what you're going to say: "Kyle, you ignorant slut! The Shah is our friend, he sent us oil during the 70's re-embargo. He's a fighter against Communism." Maybe so, Paul but what happened to the human rights you scream about every time a Saranski gets sentenced to some Soviet jail? Why is it wrong to torture a dissident and freezing Siberian Goulag, but okay to wire a leftist student's genitals in a baking Tehran dungeon? I only hope that someday someone wires your genitals, Paul. Then you'll be singing a different tune!

Westerdawg: Kyle, you poor, misguided scrag! Sure, the Shah's a jerk, but he's all we've got! Just look at the map. To the north, the Soviet Union; to the east and west, Afghanistan and Iraq. Both leftist radical states; and in the south, the Persian Gulf. Any idiot can see that Iran would be a prized stepping stone in an eventual Soviet takeover of the world. And when that happens, Kyle, those Cossacks will be coming over here with their broom handle, and we'll see how you'll feel then! Of course, you'd probably love it, you ignorant slut!
Wait...that's not the convo. It was this and this.

BTW -- Kyle's article posts the first known picture of me on these here internets.



Anonymous said...

I never thought I would say this, but I think Paul may be wrong on this. The only really good thing about ND winning is that it would mean a GiT loss. This would be reallly good, but the ND loss would be sooooo much better....

ctrosecrans said...

i made these two points over on t. kyle's blog, but figured i'd make them here, too

1. hitler vs. tech. i'm going with the guy with the funny moustache (no, not pitt)


2. to solidify this opinion, kannon parkman is going to beat those techies here in about 45 minutes on espn classic. take that.

Anonymous said...

Trent - God bless Tivo.

I'm recording it now. First game I ever saw at The Joke.


ctrosecrans said...

i was a sophomore

i'd forgotten hines was playing quarterback that game

so, two seasons ago, i'm covering a bengals-steelers game and i'm talking to hines. i mention that we were at uga the same years and he wrote a column for me when i was the sports editor at the red & black... he says to me, 'so, we're like family, right?' i said, 'sorta.'

so me and hines are 'like family'

verron haynes, on the other hand, remembered me and we talked for a while. what a great guy

also it's nice to see adam meadows. his wife, courtney, was quite the baker -- she made the best smores brownies. yum.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I'm having a hard time understanding the quandary over who to pull for when ND plays GTU. It's almost got the scent of a manufactured controversy, so clear is the path to enlightenment.

UGA has played ND a grand total of one time, which, as you may have heard, resulted in a Sugar Bowl win and a national championship. Plus, the ND fans in New Orleans were generally pleasant and friendly (perhaps because they were outnumbered about 10-1, but still...). Hard to associate any hatred from that game.

Clearly, ND doesnt have a history of upsetting UGA. We dont battle them for recruits, or conference titles. It has no winning streaks against us, no abysmal calls resulting in tainted ND wins over us, and no pencil necked ND student has ever given a UGA player the two fisted finger from two feet away after a UGA touchdown (God bless Hines Ward for not dough popping that punk in the grill, because he wouldnt have been there to draw the holding call on the final, game winning drive if he'd gone all Zidane on that little worm)

While it really wouldnt matter to me who GTU was playing, because I never pull for them under any circumstances, this isnt really a close call. Now, when GTU was playing the trailer trash from Moo Eagle U, THAT was a quandary. That was a situation that called for the practical conclusion that, either way, someone you despise will end up unhappy, so just roll with it.

But hating ND so much you'd pull for GTU? Lewis Grizzard is spinning in his grave at the thought of it. As Lewis once wrote in a column, quoting with approval someone else, "Anyone who says he's a Georgia fan, but that he pulls for Tech when they aren't playing Georgia is just a damn liar."

If it's good enough for Lewis, it's good enough for me. Who cares about ND? Screw GTU. Consider it an example of my addiction to schaedenfreude, but I'm pulling for the Irish in this matchup.

Anonymous said...

I saw that as well C. Trent. Was a very good game, Phillip Daniels big play. Parkman. Hines and Kirtsey in the backfield in probably the lightest QB and TB combo the SEC has seen since the late 70s/early 80s. Big win, and nice to see Ray go out on top. I say their record against the bugs is the main reason while Goff and Donnan seem to be viewed on a completely opposite view than what their overall records would lead you to think.

And C. Trent, I also wanted to apologize for things I've said in the past as a young, dumb kid. I hope there are no hard feelings and you are doing well up in Cincinnatti.

ctrosecrans said...

senor egger -- not a problem. life is good. i only hold a grudge against two folks, and honestly, karma's bit one in that ass and the other one has a big karmic dump truck ready to load a truckload of shit on him anytime now. hope all is well down in god's country.

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