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August 17, 2006

Checking in with our Rivals

Tech has offensive line injury problems (AJC) that sound as bad as UGA's running back problems in 1995. Gailey needs these guys to get healthy quickly, or he'll be looking for a new job. I wish nothing but losses and misery on GT, but not injuries. On the brightside for the NATS, this will be their best Defensive line since at least '90.

The Gamecocks lost a starting safety for our game because of a suspension. However, the Gamecock fans immediately said that he wasn't really starter. I can relate to that sentiment, but it is nice to see the suspension scales evening up a bit between us for this game.

EDIT: I just deleted the thing about Spurrier's son walking on at SC. I feel like a total asshole. I really didn't know Spurrier's youngest kid was adopted. I wouldn't knowingly take a shot that cheap. It was probably a little over the line anyway, but with that knowledge it was way, way, way over the line. Again, I'm sorry and I deleted it.

There's a new LSU Blog perfectly titled "And the Valley Shook." They made their debute a smash with the Earthquake Touchdown video. That's a great blog name. However, my favorite new blog name is "Black Shoe Diaries" from PSU. (ht - kyle)

While they aren't a rival, you might be interested to know that Robert Johnson will be the starting QB for Arkansas when they face Southern Cal. Mustain isn't ready and Casey Dick is hurt. Johnson was the Arkansas QB that started the game with UGA last year. You better come on in my kitchen because it's sure to be a blowout in Fayetteville.

On a lighter note, Nathan at has Part 2 of his SEC Mascot review locked and loaded. I think he's very generous with Bully from MSU.

And on the home front, the AJC points out our need for a playmaker on offense.

Lastly, has their UGA Fan Photo Gallery up.



Anonymous said...

Everyone just better hope that R. Johnson hasn't gone down to the crossroads this summer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the honorable mention.

Nathan said...

Our front 7 is going to be one of the very best in the entire country.

Our o-line had better get healthy though, I was counting on them being a strength but they just keep dropping like flies.

travis said...

Hey, Paul, what's wrong with Bully? He's 20 years older than UGa. So it's not like we stole the tradition from yall.

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