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August 17, 2006's Preview of Mississippi State

Kyle King has his MSU preview up. My favorite line:
Mississippi State played its first football game in November 1895 but did not claim its first football victory until October 1901. I could go into greater detail (and I will), but, really, that tells you about all you need to know.
My preview of them is pretty simple. They simply aren't talented enough to compete in the SEC.

However, their schedule is conducive to improvement over their 3-8 overall record of last year. Their non-conference schedule includes West Virginia (home), UAB ( seriously), Jax State (home) and Tulane (home). I could see them exiting that slate with a 3-1 record. The SEC schedule isn't as kind with an SEC East rotation of UGA (road), SC (home) and UK (home).

A 3-1 non-conference record plus wins over UK and maybe Ole Miss should be enough to buy Croom another year. If they could stumble into a victory over the Gamecocks in Week 1, MSU would have a reasonable shot a snagging a Liberty Bowl birth. That's sort of the best case scenario for these guys.

That's Sly Croom in the Red Cross jersey. Click the pic to learn more. Image:

But a 4-8 record with a loss to the Rebels and the MSU faithful should take a long look at whether or not Croom is the right man for a turn around job of this magnitude.

Mississippi State has never been very good for very long, but what Jackie Sherrill did when he blew the place up is pretty sad.



travis said...

Croom gets a fourth year regardless of what happens this year. The Admin recognizes what Sherrill did to the program his last four years there (even if they played a small role as well). He may lose the fanbase with a sub 4 or 5 win season, but he'll keep his job, ala Rich Brooks.

Anonymous said...

In the beginning there was football. The A.D. said let the stadium be built and there was Sanford. Men began to gather on this hallowed battlefield. The enemies came from afar all wearing different armor, some were dressed in yellow, some in orange. Anytime a war was raging there were 92,000 there to watch, and cheer their Heros on. These gladiators that they were watching were wearing red and black, and looked fierce and ready for war. Like all great wars there is a message boy that passes on news to the general for him to know what is happening. In Athena we call this man MUNSON, although this man has never suited up and went to war, he is loved for his ability to express his emotions to the rest of the bulldog nation.

Many legends have suited up and went to battle for the red and black army. Men such as walker, belue, and Scott. But without a leader these warriors would have gotten nowhere. They were led by a man by the name of Vince Dooley. Dooley had infinite knowledge and power. He would get his men ready and then lead them into battle, knowing that defeat was not an option. In 1980, Dooley led his men to an undefeated record and marched into Jacksonville for an annual battle with the dreaded Florida gators. This was not going to be an ordinary battle, because the red and black had received notice that the number one army in the nation had fallen in battle, so defeat the gators and world domination would be Dooley’s.

A battle of epic proportions was going to rage. The sound of clashing pads and helmets filled the air. Melodies coming from each army’s band, fans begging their army to snatch defeat. Blood was spilled that day, sweat poured from the faces of men. Men were carted off the battlefield with broken arms and legs. The dawgs were down with a minute to go 92 yards stood between the army and world domination. Silence. Munson screamed as the entire world listened “belue got a block behind him, he’s going to throw on the run, complete on the 25, the 30, 40 RUN LINDSEY, the 50, 45, 40 RUN LINDSEY RUN, LINDSEY SCOTT, LINDSEY SCOTT, LINDSEY SCOTT. And then the fall of Jacksonville. “Well I can’t believe it, Lindsey really got in a foot race, I came through my chair, a metal steel chair with a 5 inch cushion. The stadium fell down, now they will have to renovate this thing. Do you know what’s going to happen here tonight, and up in saint Simons where all these dawg people have these condominiums for four nights…. Man is there going to be some property destroyed tonight.” World domination.

25 years later, long after the glory days of Dooley, the army was in disarray and hadn’t been in control of the world in sometime. When a leader emerged from the south, coming to lead the red and black back to dominance. In 2002, behind men such as David Greene, David Pollack, and Thomas Davis the army made its first step back to world dominance by winning the SEC for the first time since 1980. Grown men cried, for they had lived through the darkness and saw the return to glory. Once again in 2005 the red and black climbed atop the SEC, and staked claim on the top spot. There are no questions about who is the elite team in the conference. How sweet it is.

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