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August 9, 2006

Stewart Mandel may need rehab

In consecutive articles's Stewart Mandel manages to list the following schools are pretenders for the national title chase:
  • UGA
  • Texas
  • LSU
  • Olahoma
  • Florida
While following that article up with his list of contenders which includes:I have never seen odder back to back articles from a "major media" type college football reporter.

How can he list Georgia Tech as a contender for the national title, when he also lists their Coach among the worst coaches in college football for 2005 and again in 2006.

As for South Carolina as a dark horse national title contender...I realize that Spurrier is a great coach, but how many positions can he really play at age 60+? They just don't have the players to win the SEC East. Much less anything beyond that.

In listing Utah as a contender for the national title, is Mandel assuming that Utah will get to play Georgia Tech's defense each week?

Befuddling. If I had to choose a list to be on, the one with Texas and Oklahoma is much more appealing than the one with Georgia Tech.



Anonymous said...

Is the Stewart Mandel or Howie Mandel?

Anonymous said...

I firmly believe that some columnists - Mark Bradley also comes to mind - will make outrageously stupid predictions for the reason that in a year, when they are wrong, no one will remember, but if in a year they happen to be right, they will be thought to be geniuses. The funny thing is, I heard this same guy do a piece on the radio two days ago, and he was all about how UGA was poised for a great year, etc. That's the height of genius: hedge your bets ;-)

C. Paul said...

I understand what he's trying to do "stir the pot" so to speak with some of the schools he has making the cut - but you are dead on about Tech. How can Chan be one of the worst coaches on day and then them be a contender on the next.

The quick panacea to this Tech "illness" would be a 41-14 victory by Notre Dame on opening night. If that happened, you could start helping Ken Whisenhunt look for houses in the East Cobb area....

Great work as always-

Darth Scooter said...

One thing I thought was crazy about that article was that for all the things they consider (ie. schedule, experience qb, run stopping d) they don't take into account revenge games. Do you honestly mean to tell me that Miami and Florida will not be looking to pay back GT and USC respectively? That makes no sense to me. You don't get upsets like that 2 years in a row unless you are really ready to turn the corner and I don't see either of those teams as being loaded for a title run. In order to run the table they would have to be lucky to extreme degrees.

Michael Pigott said...

Oh Stewy, lay off the airplane glue.

Anonymous said...

Not to be snotty,but I have rarely(ok,never)read a sports columnist that impressed me.Nothing personal against them,but they strike me as either lazy,since they seldom do more than state the obvious and package it in sportspeak,or as ignorant,because they don't have the access they want everyone to believe they have.
Many seem to have agendas,and try to impress the readers with smartass comments,or maybe they want to uncover some brewing scandal and make themselves known as the Woodward and/or Bernstein of the sportsworld.
No,I don't think I could do any better,but then I don't make my living that way.

Anonymous said...

Goofy...This vaults Mandel to the top of the journalistic mountain!

Anonymous said...

God, I wish football would just get here already. The longer the summer gets, the dumber the writing.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the offseason has officially jumped the shark. When you start getting insane rationalizations that lead to a team being one of a few "National Championship Contenders" despite there being 112 head coaches better...

Anonymous said...

C Paul, the question would remain to be answered, does Ken Whisenhunt even want to return to the Flats, or will he take his chances at getting an NFL head job in the near future?
Georgia Tech could be a gem job considering the conference, location, and the like, but it sure would need a lot of shine and polish.

Anonymous said...

J. Elmo, you're thinking to small.

Mandel hasn't just reached the top of the journalism mountain. He's reached the top of the internet mountain.

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