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September 25, 2006

Confirmed: Dawgs vs. Vols under the Lights

Local CBS affiliate KFSM TV in Arkansas has enough info to confirm it. They just announced that CBS will carry the Auburn at Arkansas game live at noon on Oct. 7th, and that it will be followed immediately by LSU at Florida on CBS at 3:30.

And the AJC nails it. We're at kicking off at 7:45 on ESPN vs. UT in glorious HD.

I know that some folks don't like night games, and I know it's hard to drive back to south Georgia after a night game. But we've got 7 home games this year. The South Georgia fans can certainly tough out a single night game this year. There are at least as many fans who loathe 12:30 starts as there are those that hate night games.


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Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong... I love our south Georgia fans, but they love nothing more then to bitch about driving home after a late game (usually anything after 3:30pm)

Anonymous said...

PWD: have you heard whether gameday might be in Athens for the UT game?? On the Post, someone speculated about it. Seems like they've been following only ABC/ESPN games this year though.

Kanu said...

Nice. This 9.30 a.m. PST stuff is starting to get old.

I'm sure Mikey Adams is thrilled...

walter geiger said...

adams will probably say no tailgates can be set up before noon just to piss people off.

Jeff said...

I give about 75% odds Gameday will be in Athens, since the game is on ESPN.

I love night games, mainly because it allows more time for 'gating. I was at the Colorado game on Saturday, and it was oppressively hot in the stadium. Even a 3:30 kickoff would have been way better.

Anonymous said...

i doubt gameday will be there. I think Kirk Herbstreit is in the booth this whole year for ABC which means gameday has to follow him.

Unknown said...

Anon - not necessarily. Gameday was at OSU vs. PSU yesterday. After it was over, Herbie flew to East Lansing and did the color for the ND vs. MSU game.

The Red River Shootout will put #7 vs. #16. (ABC 3:30)

The Cal vs. Oregon Game will put #12 vs. 20 (ABC 8:00 pm)

The UGA vs. UT game will put #10 vs. #15 (ESPN at 7:45)

The LSU vs. UF game will be #5 vs. #10 (CBS)

I could see them making a case for being at any of those 4 games. I'd like to have them in Athens though.

Ludakit said...

I'll be honest, having Gameday around is fun, but we never seem to win when Gameday pays our town a visit.

Any chance to keep Corso from picking us is a welcome one. That man is a black mamba when it comes to picking a winner. One strike and you're out.

Of course, if we roll into Jacksonville undefeated, we're looking at Gameday being there as well. If I had to pick between a UT loss and a UF loss, I'd pick UT.

Hell, let's just keep it simple and go undefeated the whole season.

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