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September 26, 2006

Ole Miss Week News

Our starting tailback. Image:

Some updates:
-- Lumpkin is now the starting running back ( This is a good thing. Also a good thing is the way that Thomas Brown is handling the demotion saying, "Of course nobody likes to get demoted, but I’m happy for Kregg,” Brown said. “He’s been working hard, he deserves it. I’m just going to keep working."

-- Full Injury Update from Looks like JT3 has returned to practice. Perhaps even more importantly, Michael Turner wore a green jersey. We need him badly.

-- Ole Miss to stick with Shaeffer according to the ABH. I checked his stats on the season. It's not pretty.
    Averaging 126 yards passing per game
    46.5% completions
    5 INTs and 3 TDs
    23 yards rushing per game
    1 rushing TD
-- Chip Towers at the AJC says Shaeffer isn't the only Rebel with issues.

--Danny Verdun-Wheeler has moved to MLB while Jarvis Jackson gets healthy (David Ching).

-- talks with Joe Cox about the QB race. The Columbus paper also looks at the QB race.

-- The Dawg WRs are trying to "catch on" says Josh Kendall.

-- TheRealist grades last week's performance.

-- Kyle King already has next week's predictions up after his blistering 7-2 week.



rdeemo said...

Brent Schaeffer's statistics, huh? I'm not trying to say anything but after last week's irrational euphoria I feel that we must realistically analyze the competition.

I know Schaeffer is struggling but he is a still a decent player. Under Martinez we've had loads of trouble with mobile quarterbacks. In fact, Schaeffer's passing stats on the year are substantially the same as Matt Stafford's. I think it's also fair to say that, statistically, we aren't very good on offense. Let's hope our defense shows up in the first half or I think we could see a Buffalo repeat.

By the way, Joe Cox, statistically speaking, is better than Peyton Manning. Extrapolation is Tech-speak for lying. Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

Starting anyone other than Lumpkin would be a very bad idea. I don't think either Brown or Ware have looked good recently.

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