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September 26, 2006

Buying Tickets from

Back in January, I started tinkering with Google Ads, the little advertising boxes below my posts that offer things like UGA ringtones, tickets and merchandise.

As the site has slowly grown, it seems you guys -- our readers -- seem to be most interested in UGA merchandise and ticket ads.

With that in mind, I set up the Georgia Sports Blog's online store last month. That site is powered by the same company that built's online store. So I felt good about it. Plus, you guys have been nice enough to buy stuff. Which I appreciate it.

Today, I'm launching an affiliate site with StubHub is a site where fans buy and sell tickets from each other across the StubHub network to a variety of sporting Georgia Football games for instance. The NY Times said:
"StubHub looks like a ticket brokerage. It's not. The company... is a kind of stock market where the only shares traded are tickets to live events...Buyers and sellers mingle in the marketplace and, through free negotiation, arrive at a price that reflects the true value of a commodity."
If you feel that all tickets should be traded between people at face value, the site isn't for you. But if you want tickets to an event or you have extras for an event, the site might be for you. Check it out sometime. Over on the upper right of this site, you'll see "Featured Tickets."

If you can get some cheaper than available via StubHub. Have at it. If you can't, maybe they can help you find someone with a few extras.

Good luck and hope this helps.


BTW -- for more on how works, click this.


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