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September 1, 2006

WKU Preview - is that even possible?

How can you preview a glorified exhibition against a Div I-A team? I'm either not blogger enough for that, or not inspired enough to write much about the football equivalent of feeding the Christians to the Lions. Others have explains the background of the school and provides some stats. Dean Legge asks "What exactly is a Hilltopper?"

I can only offer an opinion on what to look for:
  • Offense -- South Carolina's offense looked hung over vs. Mississippi State in Game 1. That entire side of the ball looked like it had spent 3 weeks in some Vietcong hump, hump bar doing formaldehyde shooters while chasing one armed hookers around the pool table. Then suddenly they wandered into Starkville drunk, dazed and wondering where that crazy itch came from. Our offense needs to know...better than that.

  • We need to see 60 minutes of effort and a big score. The more points, the more kids play. The more kids play, the more depth we build. Let's put half a hundred on these guys early and get guys like Nick Jones and Quentin Moses out of there.

  • The impact of the new rules on tailgating., the AJC and others have primers on tailgating. Best headline "Get Ready to Grumble" (AJC).

  • Does Stafford play? I'd lay the odds at 95% against him getting in. However, he does want to play this year.

  • Dennis Felton - He'll be schmoozing both sides of the aisle as his old friends will be in town. I'd like to blow WKU out to the point that it becomes uncomfortable for him socially.
Realistically, we'll know very little positive after this game. It's all about staying healthy and seeing the offense move the ball under Joe T enough so that we don't have ADDED panic attacks next week.

Here's hoping for safety tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

I think McDonalds needs to sue WKU for stealing the character "Grimace" and using it as their Hilltopper mascot...

Anonymous said...

I think we can only hope that Felton just starts stuttering during the game trying to think of words to say to make the WKU people feel better. I think he would try to say," We won't beat you that bad in November, I promise."

Anonymous said...

Did you hear Felton on WKU radio? Just wondering what he said.

And nice call on Stafford, seems like you're as effective at prognostication as I.

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