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October 24, 2006

Florida Week Articles

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Did you know that UGA is a 14 point underdog against the Gators? I thought this was our biggest underdog game of the Richt era, but we were 19 point dogs to the Gators in 2001. We were 20 point dogs in 1997, and we won by 20 points (37-17). I personally think you have to go bcak to the 1996 game to find so little optimism among the Dawgnation for any game. The low expectations are almost an asset at this point.

Dean Legge of posts his 5 keys to the upset. My #1 key to the game is turnovers and my #2 would be tackling. If we make the plays we're physically capable of making on offense, limit our mistakes and suddenly start tackling well, we can give them a heckuva a game. The concern is the tackling issue. You can't just flip a switch and start tackling well. Amazing stat from Legge, Leak has never thrown an interception against Georgia. Unreal.

Speaking of tackling, Willie Martinez says the players have to step up in this area. What else can he say I guess.

The AJC says Martrez is likely out for UF while Chester Adams and Remarcus Brown are likely back. Having Chester back is the best news of the week so far. Massaquoi has been demoted for Goodman, but Harris is still second team to Bryant. I find that odd.

The networks says they won't call the game the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Pointless. That's what the fans will call it. The AJC is looking for alternative names. My favorite from the list would be "Dockside Debauchery." Orson Swindle's EDSBS has a t-shirt that offers a title of "World's Largest Outdoor Coke Orgy."

Just guessing this isn't what Adams has in mind.

Depressing factoid. "Johnny Rauch in 1945 is believed to be the last Georgia freshman starting quarterback to beat Florida." (Source: ABH)

And talks about Stafford and the Dawgs getting ready for UF.



Anonymous said...

How about "The Adams Family Horror Show"

Do you think Adams gets two tickets to the game? One for him and one for the bubble he lives in.

Anonymous said...

This is as pessimistic as I've been going into Ga-Fla in many years.But then what do I know?...Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

Very good comment on tackling; you don't just decide to do it overnight.

Let's start with the fact that these young men aren't NFL players. That said, I think they are pretty solid when it comes to the basics. After all, they are all highly recruited "star" caliber athletes.

My point is the same one I've made many times before. Specifically, that this is a mental issue. Tackling is attitude.

A lot of ink was spilled over the offseason saying Tennessee had such a bad year last year because they got soft. They believed their own press clippings that they were the greatest; that Tennessee wins by showing up etc.

I wonder if that isn't going on with this year's Bulldogs? Admittedly, this is a rebuilding year, the O-line is weak and the QB spot is a HUGE issue. I think all of that means we have close games with leading teams. I don't think it accounts for sub-par performances against sub-par teams. Just a thought.

Go Dawgs!

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