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October 24, 2006

Florida Week Notes II

Welcome to Mo's

Gordon Ely-Kelso is getting snaps at place kicker. Andy Bailey thinks it's more than just insurance. My answer to this move...THANK YOU.

David Ching has his unposted notebook from the Columbus-Ledger. These are always gems. One of his topics is the start of the third quarter, which is something Josh Kendall talks more about. Stop blocking in the back on kickoff returns, stop throwing INTs and feed Lumpkin the rock from the I formation in the third quarter...problems solved. talks about the players dealing with the reality of being underdogs. The AJC covers some of the same ground.

Lastly, talks about the need for sacks.

Around the Dawgosphere:
-- JMac of The Cover Two weighs in on the lunacy of Mo Mass getting booed.

-- Kyle King has incredibly harsh words for Willie Martinez. I'm not in that camp. I'm still of the opinion that if our LBs could tackle ANY scheme would look much better. Other than the WVU debacle, I don't place all of the defense's woes at Willie's feet over the past 10 games.

-- Doug at HeyJennySlater has posted a novella/tome about the team that even Kyle King can envy in terms of it's total lack of brevity and pound for pound value per word. (This was somehow meant as a compliment but certainly sounds just go with assuming something nice)


Hunker Down said...

Re. Third Quarter...

To be safe, let's also mandate no fumbles. The second play of the first offensive series of the third quarter seems to be our "Groundhog Day" type deja vu thing.

My mantra for this game is simply this: Attack and take chances. Throw down field. Blitz. No risk, no reward. (See the last 5 Florida games.)

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Play this game like we have nothing to lose--guess what, as 14-point underdogs we don't.

Heavy blitzes on Chris Leak (Why didn't we do that last year again?), throw long, go after punts, trick plays, etc. Not to get too The Replacements/Varsity Blues on everybody, but I think this team has forgotten how to have fun over the last few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Re Kickers.

Maybe I'm grasping here, but Dax Langley also began working at place kicker the week before the FU game in 1997 and we all know what happened then.

C. Paul said...

Absoluetly Hunker Down: we need to attack on Saturday. Go Hal Mumme on them and only punt when it is 4th and more than 10 to go. (OK - maybe not to that level)

But what we need to do is make UF uncomfortable in this game - and I'm sorry but our normal game plan just won't do. We need to blitz - but smarter and better than we have. We need multiple trick plays (heck, it is the only way we scored a TD last year). We need to own the special teams (and if that means Gordon does all the kicking so be it). We need Lumpkin to get comfortable so let's be creative in the running game and allow him the chance to get yards and control clock.

The status quo will result in a loss - and I don't think a blow out - but a "result never in doubt" kind of way. So why not change it up and go on the attack. I refuse to give up - I mean was it over when the Germans attacked Pearl Harbor? Hell no........

Go Dawgs!!

Anonymous said...

My only request to Coach Richt is, should UGA win the coin toss, please ask to receive right then and there.

Anonymous said...

As a big fan of deferring, I still have to agree with anon 9:23AM. We've been letting teams drive deep on their first posession just about every week this year. Let's give the defense a chance to shake their jitters and maybe not feel like they're starting the game in the hole both defensively and offensively. I think a nice 3 and out plus a punt will be better for the team than giving up a 40+ yard drive and starting deep in our own territory even if it means not starting with the ball in the second half.

Tommy said...

I'm tellin' ya. Elect to receive and then on-sides kick it in the second half. If we lose the toss, do the reverse. If we on-sides the opening kickoff, I'll go to my grave never having called Richt gutless again.

Anonymous said...


Man up this week! 2 Rules for you guys.

1) Blitz Leak!

2) Blitz Leak!

3) When the other quarterback is behind center...HE IS RUNNING THE BALL!

Give those gaytors a Big Orange Whipping this saturday.

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