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October 9, 2006

Good news on the recruiting front

AJ Green has committed to the Dawgs. Green is a front runner for the #1 overall player in the country for the 2008 signing class. Green is a dominating wide receiver who plays for legendary Summerville (SC) High School. For old school Georgia HS football fans, Summerville has a tradition bigger than Valdosta's program, and they play in South Carolina's largest classification.

According to's Miller Safrit:
Over his first two years in the historic Summerville program, the 6-foot-4, 190-pounder had 120 catches for over 2,000 yards in the four-wide shotgun offense and leading his team to the state championship game last year before falling to Gaffney. This season alone, Green is on pace to top the two thousand yard mark in receiving yards.
On Friday, Green posted ridiculous stats of seven catches for 181 yards, six carries for 98 yards, and five touchdowns.

Chad Simmons of has a video interview with Green talking about his commitment.

Scott Kennedy of told the Athens Banner-Herald this about Green:
"The biggest disappointment for Georgia fans is going to be having to wait so long to see him play," recruiting analyst Scott Kennedy said. "He is a Calvin Johnson type of talent that has the ability to be the best wide receiver of the Mark Richt era the minute he steps on campus.
In other WR news, the Dawgs got an official visit from Ahmad Paige, a 5 star wide receiver who had earlier committed to FSU. Things went extremely well on his trip, but he remains committed to the Noles for now.



peacedog said...

Paul, don't get too excited about Green just yet. He has a long way to go in the classroom I'm reading. Long way means "Hargrave may not be an option". I'll pull for the kid to get it together and hope he's in Athens sooner rather than later. By all accounts, he's an amazing talent.

The Paige visit went *terrific*, as you no doubt read on UGA sports. I am very causciosly optimistic here. If nothing else, we miht make him take a long look, which is something.

Anonymous said...

I live in Charleston and understand from a friend of mine whose mom is a teacher at Summerville that he has his own tutor devoted specifically to him getting through high school with the grades and SATs to get into college on time. Not to say that it will happen, but Summerville understands that this is the biggest recruit to come out of that storied program and they don't want to be embarrassed by having him fail to qualify and spend time at Hargrave.

Also, for what it's worth, I went and saw him play several weeks ago and he did not look good in a game that he was double teamed most of the game. Summerville used him as a decoy and hit their other wide out the entire game. The next week they were down 21-0 when he exploded for 5 touchdowns and also had some incredible plays at cornerback. He looks like your typical Florida wide receiver, tall and fast. SI has him as the #1 recruit in the nation in the 2008 class.

Anonymous said...

I guess the good news is that by 2008, if he can get in, Stafford ought to be fully developed, the line ought to be better than average, Moreno should be coming into his own.... we might score some points.

Anonymous said...

He's a stud, but I had to laugh at that comment about Summerville having more tradition than Valdosta. Maybe within their own state. South Carolina H.S. football has never been as deep as Georgia's. In fact, The top teams in 5A in SC don't even play. They have two state champions. Plus they don't have any powerhouse private schools such as Marist or GAC.

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