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October 9, 2006

well, no damn wonder we lost

Curse of the Cherrishinski

If you saw the front cover of Sunday's AJC, you might have seen the photo above. It shows Matt Tovrog popping a Cherrishinski along with the caption:
"UGA fan Matt Tovrog eats a "Cherrishinski" -- a cherry soaked in grain alcohol. The treat was dubbed by his tailgating friends in honor of UGA quarterback Joe Tereshinski III."
The Cherrishinski was actually invented at a Condo on Amelia Island in October of last year by a UGA Law School Student as was discussed here and here.

Long time readers know that this evil concoction resurfaced at the Auburn game the following week, and Georgia experienced another heart breaking loss. It has been discussed several times on this site over the past year that the Cherrishinski is the Official Beverage/Food of Doom(TM) because of its 0-2 start.

Therefore, I blame Matt Tovrog and his tailgate crew for jinxing the Dawgs. As Dawgnoxious said very, very late Saturday night:
    "We should fill Marquis Elmore's car with all the world's Cherrishinskis and drive it off a bridge."

Source: image 3 in the series.


Anonymous said...

Sources close to the program tell me they just put a Cherrishinski machine in the sub-basement of the Butts-Mehre building in time for Halloween.

It is a special section of the museum few people know about, down there next to the toilet. It is open only one day a year and you have to get a special pass to visit.

I happen to be one of the few lucky fans to have visited the area. There are some intersting items on display. They include:

The Harrick test

Two 2002 SEC Championship rings bought off of eBay

A Michael Adams jumpy jump (down in the family friendly area)

A 2006 Sugar Bowl program

A Tony Cole jersey

The lone surviving hedge from the 2000 Tennessee game

A jar of pickle juice

The black stripe

Al Ford's whistle

A thumb cast

Coach Ramsey's ballcap, displayed backwards of course

A Jircuzzi

A pair of black football pants

Bill Goldberg's motivational speech

The fake smoke machine

A 1996 recording of "The Macarena".

Glenn Mason's contract

Hines Ward's wishbone playbook (yes, it's written in crayon)

An "Air Georgia" T-Shirt

A "Join The Goff Team" bumper sticker

J** K***'s canceled check

Herschel's black Trans-Am

Prince Charles' stogie

Ray Goff's shoestring

Coach Dooley's effigy

A few doilies from Effie's

A March 1963 issue of the Saturday Evening Post

...and an "I'm Georgia" towel.

Anonymous said...

Classic UGA Humor! Great stuff, men. So what is everyone's take on the rest of our season?

Jmac said...

Now, now PWD. On behalf of that tailgate, let's be clear about this.

As I alluded to last year following the loss to the Georgia-Florida game, my decision not to wear the lucky red shirt cost us the contest.

Therefore, I offer to the loyal readers of the Dawgosphere, I would like the record to show that despite my own year-old warnings PWD opted to not wear his own lucky shirt and gave in to the peer pressure of the 'Black Shirt Fad.'

Of course I'm not one to point fingers ...

Anonymous said...

We were doomed from the start ... Matt Tovrog is also wearing a black shirt

Josh M. said...

Of course, considering Jmac not only cost us the Florida game, but is ALSO a member of Tovrog's tailgate (along with myself, admittedly), maybe we should just ban HIM from all future gameday experiences. If he wasn't such a good cook, I might look into this a bit more.

Jmac said...

Thanks (?) Josh.

Unknown said...

I thought I might own a lucky shirt, but then I researched the issue and I don't.

I don't own a lucky shirt. I had worn 4 shirts in 6 games.

I own a pair of lucky pants (which I wore), but lucky pants can only overcome so much tard coaching.

Even my pants expected us to blitz.


DAve said...

I would like to offer myself up as public sacrificial lamb to move attention away from our esteemed mayor, the black shirts and the Cherrishinskis.

Over the last three years, there have been three home games where I have gone to Athens but not attended the game: Saturday's game, the '05 Auburn game, and the '04 Tennessee game.

Therefore, I place the blame squarely on me. I expect everyone out there to do everything in his or her power from now on to make sure I have a ticket to every home game. Right now, I have none for Tech. Get on it, people.

Anonymous said...

You really should move the first comment to the front page, pwd. Really funny.

Anonymous said...

As the one who first brought Cherrishinskis (tm) to the now infamous Tent City tailgate, I feel I must comment. Yes, I read Warren's book and that's where I got the idea from. Yes, I also read PWD's blog and have given credit where credit is due on the name of the concoction. I think in his excitement/disgust over said concoction, the reporter left out this fact. We have also had Cherrishinkis (tm) at every game this season and I feel the blame cannot be placed JUST on the Tennesee game alone.

In fact, our tailgate has managed to consume an entire 5 lb. jar of Cherrishinskis (tm) so far this season. I think I can speak for the rest of Tent City in saying that they will be sorely missed if I did not whip up a new batch this week.

So in a spirit of forgiveness, I extend the olive branch to PWD and invite you to stop by Tent City this week. Hopefully we can bless lucky shirts, consume whatever mascot-themed food we have on the menu and make amends.

Pasqua said...


This is Matt Tovrog. Let the record show that I wear that black shirt for most UGA games. Not only that, but it's mandatory to eat Cherrishinski's when you're a member of Tent City. Stop on by and we'll let you try one. They're quite delicious and a signature item at Tent matter who invented them.

Anonymous said...

Pardon my ignorance, but just where the hell is Tent City, anyway? Sounds like something next to the Losantville Carpet Outlet.

Josh M. said...

Take a left at Paradise, bear right at Heaven, go just past Shangri-la, and there it is - Tent City. If you hit Utopia, you've gone too far.

ctrosecrans said...

i'm upset there were no mention of 'voltage'

or a 'donnan of a new era' bumper sticker

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