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November 20, 2006

One Last Iron Bowl Post

While I'm on the topic of the Bama job and the Iron Bowl, here's a couple of more quick links:
-- Paul Finebaum has a link to the outstanding parody song Free Falling. It outlines the career of Mike Shula.
It's a long day in T-Town.
Wearing brown bags
While sitting in the stands
He's a bad coach
Because he can't even beat State
He's a bad coach and fears the Thumb of Tubs.
Shula's Free Falling"

-- An Auburn fan looks back at the Tiger's 2006 Season, with rambling thoughts on the Bama and UGA games.

-- Ivan Maisel agrees with my belief that the AU vs. UA game might not be the "biggest" rivalry, but it's certainly the most bitter and most passionate.



Anonymous said...

Coaches taunting the fans with body parts?

Fans throwing bottles at players and coaches?

Fans turning on one of their own?

I swear college football has a professional wrestling-like quality over there.

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