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November 20, 2006

Pat White Mocks Pitt's Panther Noise

SEC fans who've heard the annoying Cock-a-Doodle-Doo noise in Columbia can related to how White felt upon hearing the artificial PA system noise maker doing the Panther screechy thing.



rdeemo said...

I remember watching that and wondering what in the hell is his problem. That explains alot. I thought maybe the kid was an idiot-savant or had Tourettes and had unbelievable football talent but couldn't communicate except by growling. I sincerely thank you for clearing that up. I was clearly concerned about the admissions standards at WVU. You never know what malady might manifest itself with that Mountaineer incest business.

Anonymous said...

what a weird kid. how did this guy torch us so bad last year.

Anonymous said...

that was making the rounds last week ya slow sucker (teasin). I'm still laughing at it though, that is hilarious to me. And the kid is fast, he's gonna be a terror for two more years. Wonder what happens to him in the NFL, S, WR, or a Kordell Stewart type thing? No matter what though, with his wheels, he makes a roster.

Unknown said...

Dsoule - he torched us because he and Steve Slaton are fast as hell. And it's a great scheme.

That said, we win if we don't turn it over in our own redzone twice.

Imagine putting Terrence Edwards at Quarterback with about 20 more pounds on him. Then put a bigger, stronger, faster Warrick Dunn at RB beside him and run the old Single Wing.

That's what WVU does. It works b/c they are BOTH back there.


King of Tigerland said...

Saw that and was wondering what the hell. Not WV incest but the Alabama kind, from Daphne, AL and a great program down there across the bay from mobile

King of Tigerland said...

..and not many people give Pat White enough credit as a passer. He is not that bad.

Anonymous said...

There are 2 things that are great about this...
1. That NOBODY on the bench even looks at him while he's doing it.
2. He keeps doing it even after they kick it up to the booth. You can still hear him in the last 2 seconds.
Thank you, Pat White. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for TiVo. I probably watched that about 20 times when it happened.

John Radcliff said...

Hehehehe. Nothing like mocking your biggest rival!

Anonymous said...

i think rdeemo and dsoule2 are still hurting from last years bowl matchup vs. WVU.

clearly White was mocking the panther PA system. not to mention this was done after the 'eers scored yet another TD against their archrival.

to claim he's inbred or a savant says a lot about how smart some of the posters are. pat white must be even funnier when the cameras are off. thanks pat!

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