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December 12, 2006

Damon Evans sits down with Carter Strickland

Now, if you're lik're hoping the next sentence after "Damon Evans sits down with Carter Strickland of the AJC" is...."Then Damon clobbered him."

I told folks when Mark Schlabach left the AJC that:
    A. It can get worse.
    B. Most UGA fans have no idea how good we have it with Mark.
    C. Be careful what you wish for.
    D. Mark isn't such a bad guy.
Knobler and Towers do great work for the AJC. Unfortunately, the UGA beat is saddled with the journalistic equivalent of Fredo.

"I'm smart. Not like everybody says. I can handle stories."

Anyway, here's Carter's interview with Damon.



Anonymous said...

I wish he would have asked about the possibility of adding more sports. I think the more athletes of any kind on campus, the better the univesity becomes. We already have good club level Lacrosse and Rowing. What about Men's soccer or wrestling? I don't know how Title IX interplays, but it is worth a look. Might be an interesting georgiasports poll to see what other dawg fans would like to see added.

Anonymous said...

the only school in our area that could add soccer is GT. Title IX works in GT's favor b/c the ratio of men to women is so high there. At UGA, there are many more women to men in the student population. So we're always looking to add women's sports. Not men's

Anonymous said...

When I went to UGA, they had men's wrestling, and men's gymnastics (I knew people on both teams), and there was a bit of an uproar when they got cancelled for Title IX reasons, but the truth is, neither team was very good; we didn't lose much. I am just saying a kick as women's gymanstics team is better than a crappy men's team and adds as much to the university.

Anonymous said...

So its a tradeoff. Either we have more sports or fat guys get laid. I'll take the latter.

Darth Scooter said...

Its to bad UGA doesn't have a soccer team, but it was my understanding when I was at UGA that it will probably never happen, because of Title IX. Its to bad too, because Georgia actually has a pretty good talent pool for soccer talent. It could be a pretty successful team pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree about Schlabach. He wasn't a hater (look, he had the UGA beat during Colegate -- he wasn't giving us hell; he told the truth and we thought it was hell) and the dude could write. As evidenced by his rapid rise to the upper reaches of the sportswriting world.

Strickland, on the other hand, is both an idiot and someone who seems to be in constant search of an angle that allows him to stick sharp objects in the most sensitive parts of our anatomy. I guess it's a model that works for the AJC -- the UGA people read every UGA article anyway, even if they end up fuming, and it gives Tech people a reason to read him, too: they can chortle and snigger over CS's latest gratuitous swipe at UGA's academic performance or a deviation form the supposedly sacred "no JUCOs" "policy."

Crane said...

Back in your day the wrestling team probably did stink, but I remember a few years back the club wrestling team won the NCAA Men's Wrestling Championship. Not bad for a club team.

My preference would be to take the best of both worlds and have Women's Wrestling thus satisfying Title IX and my own sophmoric curiosities.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

My biggest beef with Strickland isn't that he's openly anti-UGA -- though he can seem that way at times -- it's that he just doesn't seem interested. Numerous times this season Georgia would be heading into a big game and his chosen blog topic du jour would be something like "LSU just picked up a new recruit" or "Did you see those uniforms so-and-so was wearing last Saturday." Like, that's the only thing you can come up with?

I'd be willing to bet that the Columbus L-E's David Ching doesn't have half the resources Strickland has, but he does a far better job with his blog. You can tell he's putting some effort into talking to people and getting the story behind the story, as opposed to Strickland, who sometimes makes you wonder whether he even bothered to attend the game in question.

On the subject of a different newspaper writer, for some reason I just now noticed where you referred to Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News as "an idiot" and I had to laugh out loud. For some reason everybody at the News still thinks Bama stands a snowball's chance in hell of hiring Nick Saban, and I just can't figure it out. As for Scarbinsky, given his richly earned reputation as the News's senior Auburn-kneepad-wearer, I can only assume he's throwing kindling on the Saban-to-Auburn fire because the more Bama fans get their undies in a wad over it, the dumber they look.

Anonymous said...

Ching is workin' it, no question. In addition to the marginal information he provides over what the big guys have, it's fun to see a guy on his own describe what it's like to hustle and try to make a name for himself.

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