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January 12, 2007

Auburn still has 2 open slots on their '07 schedule

Auburn's AD Jay Jacobs says road games are for chumps
"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make
as they fly by." -- Douglas Adams (author)

"How does a project get to be a year behind schedule?
One day at a time." -- Fred Brooks (former IBM scientist)
I'm very familiar with the whole procrastination scene. In fact, I'll blog about that one day if I ever get around to it. But procrastination has been taken to a whole new level in the sports world by Auburn's Athletic Department.

We're less than nine months away from the start of the football season, and the TigerPlainsEaglesJungleDwellersMen still have two open slots on their home schedule for 2007.

Auburn's current home football schedule consists of:
    South Florida
    New Mexico State
    Mississippi State
Let's start from the top with what's wrong with this scenario. First off, nine months away and still two open slots? One open slot isn't totally uncommon. We didn't nail our 12th game until a few weeks ago. But two? That's requires being totally asleep at the wheel. or......

Secondly, Auburn is trying to land two more home games. EIGHT HOME GAMES? Seriously? Hey Auburn, if you're wondering why you're struggling with the schedule, it's because you're not returning games. The 8th home game is part of Auburn's strategy to raise ticket prices without raising ticket prices.

Georgia went damn near 50 years without traveling outside the South. So we're a bit of an expert on the topic. However, since the release of the 12 game schedule experiment, we've booked home/away series with Clemson (twice), Colorado, Oklahoma State, Arizona State, Louisville and Oregon. If you want to fix your schedule issues, you're going to have to accept the fact that 7 home games is enough.

Thank heavens for Damon Evans and crew. We're finally getting to schedule decent teams, and we're not seeing the bumbling keystone cops articles as much anymore. Plus, we've got quality non-conference games booked through 2016. Auburn...not so much.

For a quality Auburn perspective on this check out the AU FanHouse.



Anonymous said...

That is a horrible home schedule, which is only going to be filled with more mediocrity. It must be something in the water in Alabama, as last year's schedule for the Tide was:
Florida International
Mississippi St.
I feel bad for Louisiana-Monroe. They were probably overlooked being wedged in between those marque matchups against the smart schools.

Anonymous said...

"I think the BSC should mandate all BCS Conference schools to play at least two teams from OTHER BCS conferences every year, at least until we get a Div-1A playoff, which could come soon or never. That would facilitate the scheduling and open the field up to new and interesting matchups. It would also seriously reduce the practice of cupcake scheduling that all teams occasionally suffer from. "

I love this idea.

Anonymous said...

That amounts to extortion of your season ticket holders- having to pay face value, plus whatever their contribution is, to watch that schedule?! Most are games even LFS wouldn't touch.

Anonymous said...

Jay Jacobs has serious Donal Trump hair!

Unknown said...

I'll bet they can go ahead and pick up Citadel again.

Yeah, go ahead and pass that little BCS rule and watch Auburn schedule the almighty Baylors and Dukes of the world or watch the Big East extend invitations to the likes of Buffalo. Passing rules isn't going to fix this problem. Fan outrage will be the only thing that changes the situation. I'd like to see 12 real football games every year but I have yet to see a college football program that does that.

JasonC said...

The problem with passing the 2-BSC school rule is that I would rather see the Mediocre 11 (read: Big 10) give up their non-conference games to try and play everyone in conference since they won't play a title game (like the rest of the majors) and you have situations like Wisconsin and OSU not playing this year and the Iowa-OSU co-champs from a few years back.

Scott said...

I wonder if they can book Mrs. Taylor's School for Typing? They may have a fighting chance that way!

Anonymous said...

Looks like they got some niiiice plywood walls in the Auburn press barn!

Anonymous said...

Nope. That's their "board" room.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

If they're that obsessed with playing as many games as possible at home, then let's just offer to play UGA-AU in Jordan-Hare every year. We certainly play a hell of a lot better there than we do when it's at home.

matt said...

That South Florida game may end up being their toughest home game.

Michael Pigott said...

My guess is The Sisters of the Poor and the The Sisters-in-law of the Poor will fill out their schedule followed by a lot of bitching about how the BCS hates them.

Anonymous said...

You're right--Auburn doesn't know how to build a football program. They're clueless. All they do is win national championships and consistently finish in the top 10. It's the Dawgs who know how to win--we even won 4 SEC games last year and finished one spot away from being in the top 25 in the coaches' poll. Go Dawgs!

Unknown said...

i'm sorry, but what national championshipS are you referring to?

AU hasn't won a national title since 1957.

BTW -- 31-15

Anonymous said...

Alabama's home schedule was miserable last year. I skipped many of the games despite being a first time season ticket holder.

I didn't go to LA-Monroe, FIU, or Duke. (I was going to go to the Duke game, but had a family emergency pop up the day of.)

Oh well, there's tradeoff I guess. This year we have LSU, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas and the more or less respectable Houston as games worth seeing at home along with two snoozers: LA-Monroe (again!?) and Western Carolina (I'm ashamed to type that.)

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