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January 15, 2007

Steelers, Dolphins Hanging with Ruben Houston

Clearly the top brass in the Steelers and Dolphins organizations have been hanging with Reuben Houston. How else to explain the inexplicable? Not one but two NFL teams think Gailey would make a Chantastic head coach. Yet I have a hard time imagining Wayne Huizenga and Dan Rooney, pea-soup thick clouds of ganja smoke in their offices, simultaneously reaching the odd conclusion that they need to achieve Chan Gailey Equilibrium.

What is my recipe for success? Um. Ah. Hey, Mr. Rooney, pull my finger.

It is purely a question of science: much like water will find its level, Gailey will find five losses. Of course, a five loss NFL season will get you into the playoffs.

Mark Bradley weighs in this morning, accurately perceiving the ambivalence of the GTU fan base (both of them) toward Gailey leaving for the NFL. If you want Exhibit A in the case against Chan Gailey, it is Reggie Ball. Gailey's handling of his quarterback was the equivalent of a four-year train wreck. Bradley hits the nail on the head:
Even when the Jackets gave West Virginia a tougher time than anyone anticipated in the Gator Bowl, more than a few folks were left wondering why, if Taylor Bennett was capable of throwing for 326 yards against a stout opponent, Gailey hadn’t turned to him when Reggie Ball was having one of his many dreadful days.
Exactly. Obviously we hope Gailey stays at Tech forever.


Anonymous said...

as some of you may know, I'm not a GTU fan, but let me help you nerds with the question some of you posed after the Gator Bowl, namely: If Taylor Bennett could throw for however many yards against a powerhouse like WVU, what could he have done if he'd moved out Reggie BaLLLL at some point in the season?

Nerds, dont delude yourselves (I know. It's kind of ironic advice, sort of like telling Auburn fans to quit being trailer trash. It's in their DNA). West Virginia's defense is horrrrrrrrrrrrrrible. Their offense (lacking their best RB and with a gimpy QB against you pencil necks) is undoubtedly first rate, but their defense isnt very good at all.

You might as well take someone's offensive stats against Furman and project them into a full schedule.

Taylor Bennett may or may not be better than Reggie BaLLLL, who did, after all, lead you geeks to a number of big wins in his career. Sure, none of them were against UGA, but what the hell? Joe Hamilton didnt have a winning record versus UGA, and that's WITH the benefit of several academically ineligible players helping him (including himself). Nor did Shawn Jones. By GTU standards, Reggie BaLLLL did pretty well. Isnt it time you all got off him?

oreo said...

I'm by no means a GT fan but Gailey was an off. coordinator w/ the Steelers back in the 96-97, and again an offensive coordinator w/ the Dolphins in 00 I believe. So he's got ties with both teams, plus he did make the playoffs twice when he was Dallas' head coach.
Yes, keeping Ball as your qb for that long and him not improving is concerning...but you could argue that it is a miracle he has the record that he has at Tech WITH Ball as his qb.

Either that or the Fins liked how he handled the Reuben Houston situation and feel like that gives him an insight on how to deal with Ricky Williams.

blackertai said...

I hope nobody picks him up, because then Tech might accidentally hire a good coach. At least wait till UGA closes the decade undefeated, will you?

It would be funny if Gailey did get hired, and then drafted Reggie Ball though. We'd have instant proof Ball had some sort of HUGE blackmail info on Gailey...

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I was just thinking the same thing, blackertai.

Fortunately we don't have to worry about GT making a run at Ken Whisenhunt in the event that Gailey bolts, because he just got hired as the Arizona Cardinals' new coach. But I do wonder, whom does Tech pursue if they have to replace Gailey?

As much as Radakovich would probably like to, he can't go after Jimbo Fisher, who just signed a fat deal to be FSU's new OC. As much as Tech fans would probably like to just promote Jon Tenuta, nothing I've heard about Tenuta indicates he has the mentality or style to be head-coach material. Would they try to bogart O'Leary from UCF? Or are too many Tech fans still seething over O'L dumping them for Notre Dame?

Anonymous said...

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