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January 29, 2007

Dawgs move to 5-2 in the SEC

If you had asked me to list the least winnable games on the 2006-2007 schedule before the season, then yesterday's LSU game would've definitely been near the top of my list. To win it, is huge. To win it in such dramatic fashion in the face of such overwhelming distractions surrounding Brophy's Memorial day, is especially huge.

(Stukes hit the game winner. To buy a #14 jersey, click on the image)

The Dawgs are now 5-2 in SEC play. With the tie breakers Georgia currently holds over Vandy and UK, the Bulldogs are in second place in the SEC East. Suddenly the world is full of hope, optimism and trains that run on time. An NCAA tourney bid is now a very, very obtainable goal.

We get the Vols in Knoxville on Wednesday night. SEC road wins are always tough to come by, and this year is no exception. Teams are 9-30 on the road in SEC play this year. The SEC West has won exactly one road game so far, and teams not named Florida are 6-30 on the road.

Dawg hoop fans should keep their eyes on the Tennessee papers for news of Chris Lofton's health. Without Lofton, the trip to Big Orange Country looks very manageable.

The team still has miles of work to do in its half court offensive sets. But we found a way to win, and that's a great thing.

Georgia's Tourney Resume (per
    -- RPI = 37
    -- SOS = 13
    -- Vs. RPI Top 50 = 2-4
    -- Vs. RPI Top 75 = 6-5
    -- WarrenNolan has our RPI at 38.
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Anonymous said...

Great win. I'm suprised at how quickly the bandwagon hoop fans have jumped back on board and gotten the Steg rocking -- I thought it would be well into next year. Welcome aboard, and let's keep making progress.

S.A.W.B. said...

I know that someone, somewhere, out there in interwebs land has video of the last shot with Scott Howard's call attached...

Unknown said...

Many long time hoop fans whine that UGA is a basketball school and our fans don't support basketball.

I would argue that evidence supports a different conclusion.

I would argue that the Georgia fan base is EAGER to support a quality basketball product, but we have no interest whatsoever in BAD basketball.

When Georgia has been good, the fans have responded very quickly with their attendance.

And when we've been bad, they've shown zero interest.

And really........isn't that the case in 90+% of all sports? Fans want to see good, and they don't want to see bad.


Anonymous said...


Whats the magic number for wins in order to get into the tourney?

18? 20?

If Mercer has a normal game, do the Dawgs with this game by 10 points?

Anonymous said...

That was the fourth game in a row in which the score was TIED with under 5 seconds to go. Has that ever happened before? To anyone? It hasn't always been pretty, but goodness gracious, it sure has been exciting.

Unknown said...

OBVIOUSLY -- I meant...."that we're a football school that doesn't support basketball."

Unknown said...

The magic number given our non-conference schedule is 9-7 in SEC play. That would do it.

We're 5-2 now.

We have to go 4-5 the rest of the way to make the tourney. With games remaining against AU, Ole Miss, MSU and South Carolina, that's very doable.

In other words, we're already playing for tourney position.

Anonymous said...

No TV for Wednesday's game=travesty.

Unknown said...

To borrow and slightly modify a Roger Staubach quote, Georgia fans love you win or tie. And that's doubly true for any non-football sport. Sure we'll sit there and watch a pretty talented Georgia football roster lose more than they should under Goff and Donnan as long as SOME wins come our way, but we're not going to sit around and watch the lowest scoring basketball game since the shot clock was implemented. I'll just read about it in the paper the next day.

Losing consistently will take the fans from any sport. Winning consistently will make fans of any sport. How many gymnastics fans do you think UGA would have if UGA didn't always have a top tier program? How many basketball fans do you think Duke would have if they weren't always a top tier program? Is it just me or are there a lot more Georgia fans and a lot fewer Tech fans since Tech has lost to Georgia 6 years running? Neither of my children have ever lived in a world where Tech has beaten UGA at football and it shows.

Anonymous said...

win 5 more, and we're in. I'd like at least 6 more wins, but 5 more should do it.

Anonymous said...

Great win.

Great fun at the game.

Yep. Those throwback uniforms look better than the current ones, but we don't want to mess with karma right now.

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