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February 1, 2007

Congrats to Blog Award Winners

The College Football Blogger Awards, or "The Orsons" as they will likely now be known, are being announced today. The Georgia Sports Blog would like to congratulate all the winners.

In particular, we'd like to issue a big shout out to EDSBS was named the winner of the "Best SEC Blog," a category in which the Georgia Sports Blog was also nominated. Also, we issue a huge congrats to Kyle King at for his runner-up status for the award. Finishing in second place to Orson Swindle's EDSBS this year is like losing the national title game to John Wooden.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what I'm going to do with the 7,540 t-shirts that I bought that say:


Oh well. If this were an Auburn Blog, I would still call my site The Winner, sell the t-shirts and hold a parade anyway.

But seriously. Congrats to all the winners.



Anonymous said...

Okay, I read an article about a company that has preprinted T-shirts celebrating the Colts Super Bowl win, and an equal number celebrating the Bears win. The losing teams shirts get sent to poor countries as a charitable donation. Just an idea. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I'd love to buy one of your shirts. I'm not kidding. How much are they?
You are, without a doubt, the best SEC blog.
Congrats on the nom & thank you for your blog - its the first thing I read in the morning & the last thing I read at night.

Jeff said...

Just go to Baton Rouge and sell them to some illiterate coonasses. Tell them it says "LSU #1 Forever!"

Oh, and don't worry about the slur, this comment's off the record so it's all good.

Michael Pigott said...

...and don't forget to roll your local street corner.

Anonymous said...

Well Florida has one every other friggin thing this year, might as well win best blog too.

Anonymous said...

Let's try that again, this time without the swearing, grammatical errors, and harsh tone - Congratulations to the Gators, champions of eveything.

Randal Burgess said...

I remember a few years ago watching some Discovery Channel show that was interviewing poor neighborhoods in Africa (don't ask me why). They had some guy on there with a Buffalo Bills 1990 Super Bowl Champs shirt.

So, even if Peyton loses this Sunday, he can travel to Kazakhstan and still feel like a winner by the end of next year.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I heard that whenever a team has a bunch of "champion" shirts printed up but doesn't actually end up winning the championship game, the shirts all get sent to impoverished communities in the Third World. So Buffalo Bills guy may have added "Ohio State Buckeyes 2006 national champs" and "THREE-PETE! USC Trojans 2005" somewhere in his wardrobe.

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