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February 18, 2007

More Backlash from Big 10 Commish's comments

Yahoo Sports blasts the Big 10 commish for his anti-SEC comments. Good read. The best part:
Finally, where did he get the idea that his league is some bastion of morality and academic purity?

Since Delany took over as commissioner in 1989, the NCAA has hit Big Ten schools 17 separate times for major rule violations, a humiliating average of nearly one cheat per year.

That total doesn't even include two separate point-shaving scandals at Northwestern.

(Image: Big 10 Commish Delany)

However, it does feature a couple for the record books – Michigan basketball featured the largest monetary amount (an estimated $600,000) and Minnesota basketball produced arguably the worst academic fraud case where a tutor (she must have been a very slow athlete) wrote 400 papers for the players.

Then, of course, there was Maurice Clarett, who if Delany is correct about intelligence and speed, is a shoe-in for gold at the 2008 Olympics – if he can get furloughed, of course.

According to the NCAA's Academic Progress Rate, the SEC's average football score (941.7) is notably better than the Big Ten (931.2). The national average is 929, a number that the majority of the Big Ten (six teams) scored below. Only three of SEC's teams were under.
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