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February 19, 2007

SEC Coaches as South Park Characters 2007

Click to enlarge. Hat tip - Kit Kitchens



Anonymous said...

Bama fans are gonna crap their panties when they see this one.

Anonymous said...


Just linked to your site from MGoBlog, and just about beat the Bama fans at pant-crapping when I saw the South Park SEC coaches. I gotta see the Big 10 version.

I already know who Lloyd Carr should be based on: Mr. Mackey.

BTW, I've had a long-time affection for Georgia football that I can't explain at all... never been to the state, let alone to the stadium. I've even got a Georgia t-shirt. I keep waiting for Richt to put together that one great season.

I would love UM to do a home-and-away with the Dawgs, but it looks like UM ain't gonna be scheduling very many teams who want the return date. Gotta feed the beast with as many home dates as possible.

Good luck in 07. Please beat Florida.


Ludakit said...


In case PWD doesn't want to link up all the different conferences, I have the e-mail still saved. If you want me to forward it to you, send me a message at KitZeus99 (at) I'll be more than happy to pass it along.

-- Kit

j.leonardjr said...

I am a Dawg fan to the core but I have to be honest about Richt's South Park character. Richt only dreams of having hair that good! These are great.

Anonymous said...

Michigan fan the blog and this one his hilarious, especially Orgeron. I also saw the B10 and the other ones as well. Hilarious.

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