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March 29, 2007

Another New Feature: True Peekaboo Posts

It's no flux capacitor, but it'll do.

I feel like I just discovered cold fusion. Via the blessed help of Hackosphere's web site, I've implemented a better Expandable Post feature to help you skim the site...regardless of the length of my posts.

In the previous version of the expandable post feature (last week's upgrade), if you clicked on "Read More" the link took you to a new page. It also didn't hold your place. If I inserted the "read more" link in Paragraph 5, you had to jump to a new page and scroll down for 5 paragraphs to find your old place. Sort of defeated the purpose of the feature.

Try the new Peek-a-Boo Expanded Post feature below.

As you can see, the post expands on your screen without taking you to a new page. For a guy with my rudimentary HTML skillz, this is a big win. Thank heavens for color-coded cut and paste instructions.

(BTW -- if you don't/didn't see the "+/- Read More" link, it's hopefully because you accessed this page directly. Go to the front page of the site to test again.)

Here's the catch = I'm still having problems with Internet Explorer on this computer. Therefore, I have only tested this in Firefox. I need one of you to test and make sure it works on IE6 and IE7. If it's busted, let me know. It's designed to work like this.

Let me know what you think / if it works.


Anonymous said...

There is one feature that takes some getting used to. If you are finishing reading an expanded post, you'll want to either:

A. Keep reading down the page to the next post (scroll down).

B. Collapse the Post. And then keep reading (scroll down)

C. Both A and B.

However, you shouldn't click the "Back" Button to collapse the post. That will send you away from this site.

It makes sense when you consider that the "Expand" button didn't take you to a different page to begin with.

That's why it's called the Peek-A-Boo feature.

Hopefully, you'll get used to that pretty quick.

Anonymous said...

Another Question:

Do any of you guys know how to left justify the "labels" and "Share On" links at the bottom of the posts?

They were left justified before the peekaboo upgrade.


Anonymous said...

Paul, everything seems to work just fine with IE6.

SlobberKnocker said...

Ditto to Hobnail. I'm on IE6 and it works great. Nice addition.

Sean said...

It also works great using IE7.

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