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March 11, 2007

Hey, Westerdawg...where are the football updates?

Coaching 'em up. (Image:

This is the most bizarre spring that I can remember. To me, our entire season next year comes down to two questions.
    1. Will the new offensive line and coaches gel to create an aggressive or not?

    2. Will the linebackers return to their aggressive and violent pre-Coach Janeck days? Or will the new guys show the same reluctance to make plays that our linebackers not named Taylor showed last year?
And here's the thing....we won't know the answers to those questions until Oklahoma State shows up in Athens. That's why it seems like an odd spring to me. I feel for the beat reporters covering the Dawgs right now. I mean, how many times can you ask Searels, "How's the OL coming along?"

There is talent everywhere for 2007. Sure, there are other questions like will the WRs still have constant bouts with dropitis, will the JUCO DL step up, etc. But those are incidental compared to the two bigger issues.

So we wait and read tea leaves searching for insight into what's happening in the Spring.

If you want to get excited, check out some of the "underground" practice reports bubbling up on message boards. I personally think some of these reports sounds like infamous "AstroDawg" posts from the early Donnan years that were complete works of fiction. But they are fun to read nonetheless.

So we wait.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite line: "Havercamp will start against OSU" Hey, didn't he go elsewhere???

Unknown said...

you're thinking of Blaes.

BulldogBry said...

Paul, all that COULD be complete works of fiction, but face it - most of us are so hard up for football, we'll believe anything. We're like entertainment reporters who follow around celebrities hoping for crumbs of news. I admit it and I move on.
Having said that, I hope Brandon Miller is doing as well as they say he is.
I do, however, appreciate you keeping everyone level-headed.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, a friend of mine is on staff. That person told me that Bailey had been making particularly impressive diving catches that everyone commented on, and they told me about the Tavares King comment from Richt once Stafford overthrew Henderson. That plus the fact that over 200 coaches were in attendance makes me 99% confident about 85% of the commentary at least from the longer post. The second one could just piggy-back.

Unknown said...

i hope it's all true.

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