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March 10, 2007

NITology and Georgia's post-season situation


The Gators blew us clean out of the water last night. We were down a mind blowing 31-6 with 8:30 left in the first half. If you're looking for a brightside to such a tremendous thrashing, there isn't one. They are just dramatically better than us. Whey they're on their game and playing up to their ability, they can beat anyone in the country by double digits.

So, where does that leave us. NIT bound obviously.

Someone on a bulldog message board compared the NIT to the Music City Bowl. That's a pretty fair comparison. It's not a big traditionally exciting bowl destination, but it's a post-season chance to gain momentum for next year. And, there's nothing this program needs more than momentum.

NITology has us as a 4 seed. Their bracket shows us hosting vs. Iowa in Round 1. Other options for Round 1 include:
    Appy State
    Utah State
Five of those seven (including Iowa) would make for compelling match-ups. Hopefully, folks will come out and support the Dawgs. NIT first round games are Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm guessing that the tickets will be sold general admission first come first serve. But that's just a hunch based on the turn around from the Selection Show til tipoff.



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for the Dawgs, this week is spring break for UGA students so the support from them will be sparse at best--I expect an extremely light crowd for the first round game. Now if the Dawgs get a higher seed or get some luck and host later rounds, then the crowds might be larger.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Not that I disagree that on our best day vs their average day we'd stand a chance, but it was still VERY discouraging to see them want it and out hustle us more. Was anybody in red and black even trying to rebound? I sure didn't see anybody out there for us giving two sh*ts about trying to box out or fight for a rebound...

Us losing out in talent to the defending SEC and Natl Champs? Pretty f'n understandable really. But us needing wins to make it into the tourney and them out-hearting us? un fricken believable. Yeah, poor shooting didn't help, but just watching them dominate the paint and boards whenever they wanted to, ie the entire first 15 minutes before they went into cruise mode... that's just unnacceptable. And Felton cries about fan support, who wants to go out and watch "efforts" like those? Not this dawg...

Unknown said...

I really don't think it was as big a difference on the effort as you're making out.

Not that we haven't had that issue in earlier games (see also: Gonzaga, at UT and at Vandy).

I just think we couldn't throw it in the ocean and they couldn't miss.


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