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March 9, 2007

They Say She's a Real Tiger

LSU's women's basketball coach Pokey Chatman just stepped down, and she will not coach the team in the NCAA tourney. ESPN is reporting that the sudden resignation was caused the interest of avoiding a lawsuit I'll quote ESPN:
Pokey Chatman resigned as the head women's basketball coach at Louisiana State University on Wednesday after the university became aware of an alleged inappropriate sexual relationship between Chatman and a former player on Chatman's team, sources told The university, the sources said, learned of the relationship from an employee within the basketball program.
Wait...I think I remember this plot from the Bound Heat women's prison flicks. No...never mind...that was the prison warden as played by Bridgett Neilson. Not the women's basketball coach.

Or...wait...what was I talking about? Oh, never mind.

See Also:DeadSpin's take on this is good, but it's the comments that are obviously spectacular. Although, they're not rated PG by any stretch on the imagination.



Trey said...

So that's why they call her "Pokey."

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

A women's basketball coach named "Pokey," a football coach named "Curley" . . . those Cajuns are a hoot.

Anonymous said...

Coach Chatman is a class act and it's a shame that you didn't let this event pass with some dignity. The reason she was leaving on her own accord was because of pay disparity and Georgia will be screwed if she ends up at Florida. She'll win there and continue to beat Pat Summit, which is something that UGA can't seem to do consistently. Chatman is a great coach and LSU should be ashamed for turning on one of their own so fast, I thought Tennessee owned the patent for that.

Anonymous said...

You're right anon, we struggle beating Pat, like most other teams. But we sure as hell beat the shit out of "Pokey" this year!

Sorry, nobody is buying your crap about "Pokey" leaving over a pay disparity. If that were true, she would have said so by now instead of allowing her name to be ruined in the press & the sports industry.

Unknown said...

Pay equity? LMAO!

She made over $400k a year, and she only had about 3 years experience as a Head Coach. She was the 3rd highest paid coach in the SEC.

Where on earth would she / could she go and make more money.

Get serious.

Anonymous said...

LSU fan here and I agree with your statements, Paul. She's not leaving over pay disparity and it's a shame something like this happened.

But let's call a spade a spade. Sure, she *may* be a class act, but her behavior, if proven true, was inappropriate. It's not me turning against one of our own.

Just because she coaches/played for LSU, doesn't mean she's above the law or not subject to ethical or behavioral standards. This isn't about her sexual orientation, it's about the relationship. She's not the first coach to do something like this and she won't be the last. The actions LSU took were immediate and justified.

Unknown said...

If a Male coach had sexual relations with multiple female players, the shit storm would be RIDICULOUS.

She's losing her job, and she may never coach again in women's hoops. So professionally, she's getting it as bad as one can get it.

But from a PR hit, she's actually getting off pretty light.

How self destructive can you be?


Anonymous said...

anonymous, have you been kidnapped by liberal socialists and brainwashed???

pay disparity, this gal was paid a ton.

as pwd says, can you imagine if this wasn't a socially popular 'lesbian' situation??? I mean Andy Landers boning several players would be on the cover of TIME. But because its a dike... oh well, lets move on, nothing to see here...

the double standard of the liberal left has absolutely no bounds.

Anonymous said...

Dixie Hound,

Have you ever thought the guy who said Pokey was leaving b/c of pay disparity is just full of shit? Why does he/she have to be part of the "liberal left?" Maybe that person is just an LSU homer--or an idiot. Having been around a lot of LSU fans I know you can't always tell the difference.

I am part of he liberal left, and I happen to agree the pay disparity excuse is a crock. I also agree that sleeping with your players, regardless of sex, is wrong.

Doug, help me out here.

Anonymous said...

Yeh we recently covered Pokey's story over at Highbrid Nation and the story's writer seemed a bit sad to find out she was a lesbian. Guess he had a crush, lol. I'm actually surprised that there haven't been more stories like her's in the news.

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