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March 23, 2007

Some Subtle New Site Features

I added a series of features to take advantage of new functionality and to clean up the place a bit.

NOTE: I haven't tested any of these features on IE6 or IE7 b/c my IE is totally busted (long story). If you're using those browsers could you PLEASE check and make sure the stuff described below works! My email is decaturdawg at hotmail. Thanks.

My Longwindedness and "Read More"
I admit that at times I can get a little long winded. To make the front page easier to read/skim, I finally added a "Read More" feature for exceptionally long posts. When I write something super long (like the hoop articles below), I'll break them up with a "Page 2" feature. I'm not going to go back and add this feature to old posts. But I'll use it going forward.

Where are the Social Bookmarks?
At the end of the posts, you'll now find "DiggIt" and "" links. If you're a user of those services, I'd appreciate you tagging any posts you like. It helps me drive traffic. If you're not a user of those sites, you can learn more about them here and here. I didn't add an "Share on Facebook" link yet. If that's something of interest to you let me know, and I'll try and figure out the code. (Note: I'm an HTML idiot. I'm almost totally reliant on Hackosphere)

Blog Roll De-Cluttering
Prior to the last upgrade, I had a much more organized blog roll (a list of sites that I read / recommend). I finally made time to update the list, delete inactive sites, added a "5 star" rating so you could find the best of the best faster, and organize them into categories better. I also added a new collection of resources such as links to the College Football Data Warehouse and various 2007 Football TV sites. I'll update that resource more later.

Click the "read more" to see what else is in store in the future.

I can't decide if I like the way I broke up the merchandise ads or not. I may tweak the appearance of that stuff more later. Also, I'm going to bring the Google Ads back once I figure out how the hell to do it without them looking like total crap.

Another feature still under consideration...I may add the "Labels" feature into the sidebar. Below my articles, I list things like "UGA", "Future Schedules", "The Other White Meat", etc. Those labels link to all other articles that I've tagged with that label. I want to add that into the sidebar, but Blogger doesn't do it the way I want to do it. So I'll have to clean up / overhaul my labels dramatically to make it work. I'm not eager for that.

I'm also looking to add news feeds into the site, but that would require moving to a wider screen and a 3 column approach size. Some of you (read: My dad) access the size on an 800x600 screen. Moving to 3 columns would screw you guys. So I'll wait on that feature. Brian at MGoBlog did a great job with his news feed. Look for the link on the right side of his site.

Otherwise, let me know what you want to see added.

Paul Westerdawg
Ring Leader
Georgia Sports Blog


Anonymous said...

Two Known Issues:
-- Ok...the "Read More" link SHOULD take you directly to the beginning of the Page 2 content. It didn't on this link. I'll look into that. Anyone that knows HTML / Blogger Template stuff can feel free to tell me what I did wrong.

-- If you clicked on this article DIRECTLY at not the front page, you won't see the "read more" link. That's normal. You shouldn't see it. Normally I won't reference the "read more" link in the text. It'll either be there or it won't.

Let me know of any problems you experience with DIGG or DELICIOUS related to Internet Explorer. I know very little about those sites.

I believe in testing, but I didn't with IE. You'd think I worked for's IT department. (RIMSHOT)


Anonymous said...

everything works as it should on IE6

JasonC said...

Everything looks pretty good on Safari for Mac. I didn't try all the links, but they are there.
I did notice a random "d" at the very bottom of the page. I don't know if that is on purpose or not.

Anonymous said...

Windy? I dunno, maybe, but wind that blows clouds away in favor of clean, fresh air never bothered me. But if it helps others, that's good, too.

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