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March 20, 2007

Yeah Me

My impressions of Spurrier and Pat Dye get a shout out on EDSBS. Those are two of the only impressions that I do that don't wander wildly in quality only to end up sounding like Apu from the Simpsons by the end of the bit.

At some point, Orson and I should do an entire fake Finebaum show. His Paul Finebaum routine is a riot. Sadly this link doesn't take you to audio of me. But it does lead to a Spurrier impression.



Anonymous said...

You ought to hear my Spurrier impression. I have been told it is very good before and it is much more authentic sounding than "Batesy" who sounds like somebody is squeezing his balls in a garlic press. Is that the gay version or what?

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