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April 27, 2007

Brace Yourself: OSU is Coming

To get you ready for the OK State vs. UGA season opener, I could prepare an exhaustive look at their offense, defense and special teams. I could break down stats, interview experts and suggest problems with match-ups at various positions.

Or...I could just post videos of drunk Oklahoma State fans making asses of themselves. Hmmm...that's not a tough call. We're going with the drunks.

No one can tell me that I don't know my audience.

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Anonymous said...

More proof wearing orange makes you more smarter.

Anonymous said...

So THAT's what happened to Alex Trabeck. Shocking.

Anonymous said...

Clearly a staged video done by some OU fans. Put some OSU t-shirts on some vagrants, give 'em a beer and....ACTION!

Evan said...

drunk oklahoma, who knew?:)

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