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May 17, 2007

Bama Blog looks at the Dawgs


RollBamaRoll looks at the 2007 Bama vs. Georgia game, and he comes away feeling that Georgia is the team that worries him the most on their schedule. His fear seems to center around the inexperience of the Bama team vs. a Georgia squad that (for the most part) isn't learning new systems, techniques and terminology across the board.

It's a pretty fair article. Although, I take some objection to his comment that Georgia is the "Alabama of the East" this year. In fairness, he built his analogy around what we return vs. what we lost. Bama also has heavy losses up front on OL and DL with plenty of returning talent in the offensive and defensive backfields. In that sense, the analogy holds some merit.

However, I think the analogy is broken in that Bama's recruiting during the probation and post probation periods isn't really on par with what Georgia has brought in from a quantity or quality standpoint.

Luckily, Bama is trying to convert it's OL from a turnstile to a dam....with the same dudes returning who struggled last year. The Bama OL likely will be coached much better this year, but any chance we get to face a team with an average OL is a benefit for our young DEs. Compare that situation to a UGA squad with more inexperience in several spots, but less confirmation of their flaws through SEC play.

If you're comparing OL talent, I'd say that Andre Smith (OT) and Antoine Caldwell (C) would definitely start for UGA. While Fernando Velasco and Chester Adams would start for Bama; although, both might be guards. The jury is still out on the rest of the guys for both squads.'s a nice quick read from the enemy.



Anonymous said...

Bama is not the enemy. They just merely happen to be on our schedule this year. They hate the same people we do, so I certainly wouldn't call them my enemy.

Anonymous said...

Anon- touche.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I wouldn't call them my enemy either. But as an entrenched Birminghamian, I sure would have a big s**t-eatin' grin on my face for a whole week if we were to hand Saint Nick his first loss as the coach of the Tide.

Anonymous said...

"The enemy of my enemy is my enemy."

-Dick Tracy

Anonymous said...

I have always fealt that Bama fans and Dawg fans get along really well. I guess its a combination of the fact that we dont play each other every year, and we both say "see you in knoxville" before we flush the toilet. Either way, best of luck to Bama, except for 3 hours in September.
As a side note, i was boarding a plane flying from Dayton ohio to Atlanta two days ago and this guy walked past me in an orange Ok.State shirt. So I said something to him along the lines of how the Dawgs are going to kick his ass next year (in a good spirited friendly tone) and he laughed and patted me on the shoulder. Then I noticed his bag said OSU football. When I got home I looked up their staff on google and it was indeed their head coach Mike Gundy. Anyway just thought I would share.
GO Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

Via Georgia Sports Information Desk:

Paul Oliver did not meet academic eligibility requirements to play in Fall 2007 and will be entering the supplemental NFL draft.


2yearsout said...

Thats pretty good anon 3:17.

Unless it has a Georgia G on the helmet then it is a enemy especially if it plays in the SEC.

Anonymous said...

Good call Joel. I saw the report on the six o'clock news. Way to go Paul. Way to go team of academic advisors. This sucks.

Anonymous said...

But at least we aren't Tech that would let him play anyway.

Unknown said...

Doug is right. Birmingham Dawgs have a vested interest in a total beatdown of the bad guys in Tuscaloosa. The Auburn fans have been pretty quiet this spring.

Sure, Bama might be a conditional ally. But, there's no such thing as detente in the SEC.

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