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May 16, 2007

Hoops Recruiting for 2008 (rankings)

The Hoops Practice Facility opens in June(ish) released their Top 150 hoop prospects list, and Scout has their Top 100 list out. Both reinforce the ongoing theme that this state is absolutely loaded with talent. Georgia HS players made the Rivals list at:
    3. Aminu
    13. Thompkins (Oak Hill vs. GA)
    15. Woods
    52. Mitchell
    54. Singleton
    58. Witherspoon
    91. Wright
    103. Leslie
    105. Veal
    115. Jones
    120. Williams
    145. Brownlee
Hat tip to Nashville Dawg for breaking down the list. has Georgia based kids at 5, 16, 33, 48, 49, 75 and 93. As others have said, the good news is that the Gators can't sign them all.

Keep your eye on Tony Woods (6'11" 215 lbs) from Rome, GA. He is rocketing up the rankings, and Felton is all over him. We'll know more about the rest of the list in the coming weeks/months. We're not exactly setting the world on fire with these many of these guys right now, but we're at least getting mentioned as "schools of interest."

2007 Recruiting
In 2007 recruiting news, Georgia lost out on D.J. Kennedy (Source: The shooting guard from Pennsylvania picked St. John's over UGA. I'm guessing that Felton will save that scholarship for the loaded 2008 class above.

Facilities Support Recruiting
The Macon Telegraph published their recap from the Athletic Department's year end board meeting. The article included this blurb regarding the b-ball program:
The board was told to expect the new $30 million Stegeman Coliseum addition to be completed by fall semester and perhaps as early as the end of June. The new building will house practice facilities and offices for the men's and women's basketball and gymnastics programs.

"I'm going to be really disappointed if that doesn't help us in recruiting with those three programs," Adams said.
Amen. Adams certainly said a mouthful there. The sooner the facility opens the sooner we can eliminate some real barriers AND excuses for our b-ball inconsistency and ineptitude.



Anonymous said...

Good stuff, Paul. Two additional tidbits.

Word on the rivals hoops board is that we will sign Troy Brewer, a way, way below the radar prospect who is a good shooter. He's from Montrose Christian, which is a superpower program in the MD burbs of DC. This staff has done well digging up sleepers like Stukes and Woodbury in the past. If this one pns out, it would be the ultimate in finding hidden talent.

Makes you wonder about how optimistic the staff is about Mercer, though. Athough maybe they just wanted a shooter. Which makes you wonder what they think about how big a role Blly Humphrey can play.

Also, Thompkins has said he's down to UGA and UF, and just needs to make up his mind whether he wants to be a cog in the state of the art turbocharged hoops machine or be the big man that turns around a program that's never really done much. I don't think I need to explain which would be which.

Anonymous said...

Helluva a post, Paul.

Anonymous said...

I think Aminu is a little high at #3. I saw him play in person twice and wasn't all that impressed. He didn't play horrible but ran the court too much with the ball in his hand instead of posting up. Also took his share of bad shots. However, I believe he will improve this year with the offense rotating around him. Also, glad to hear about Thompkins. I am an eternal optimist when it comes to UGA basketball. I surely hope he commits to us. That would be absolutely HUGE in terms of picking up other in state blue chips in 08.

Anonymous said...

Of the dozen best men's basketball players in the state of Georgia, Dennis Felton signs how many ?

You left that out.

0 ?

As per usual for Dennis Felton in-state ?

Half of the Division 1 Men's Basketball Teams will have on the average one of these Top 150 players in the nation.

Instead of a dozen, 12, from Georgia, the average is only 3 per state. We have a population of 8 million, far far less than states such as up North, out West, Florida and Texas; but we have 12 players 4 states worth of the top Men's Basketball Players in the nation.

And, we have a guard we got today from Maryland.

I frankly do not understand it why Dennis Felton doesn't recruit a lot more good shooters and have the ball in their hands when we are on the offensive end of the court, nor why he gets NONE of the talent in this state.

Is it because, not the practice facility, but The Stegosaurus ?

And, why nothing on Coach Richt's comments in Savannah last night that :


"Last season, Richt watched non-Heisman-like performances from three UGA players who started at quarterback and combined to throw 16 interceptions and 12 touchdowns."

QUOTE Coach Richt : "if your quarterback is not really ready to play the way he needs to, to play championship football, you're not going to be champions."

"Sometimes you can have a great quarterback and have some other things, some other flaws, and if a guy plays well he can make a big difference. I'm not sure Matthew is ready to stick the team on his shoulders yet or anything like that, but he's going to play a whole lot better than he did a year ago, I'm sure."


It seems to me that both Dennis Felton and Coach Richt have failed in recruiting last year and again for next season.

Andrew said...

This has nothing to do with basketball, but I can't shake the feeling that OSU is going to destroy us... our defense just isn't what it used to be (mainly quickness).

Anonymous said...

quoting anon, don't you think Richt has finally started to see the errors of his old ways though? I can't remember the exact game, but there was one last year where the dumb sideline reporter woman asked him going into halftime if he was going to make a change at QB (from Stafford) to which looked at her as frankly as possible and uttered: "Our problem isn't the quarterback, I assure you" or something to that effect. We already got one badass line class, hopefully we'll beuild on that and get a little luck from the shoulder injury fairy. Receiver wise? Especially if we land Tavarres King tomorrow afternoon, you can't get off to a better start than him & AJ Green. More playmakers? Need I remind you we signed Caleb King in last year's class. And with Bobo calling the shots, I have a good feeling we're gonna be a lot more offensive the next few seasons, in a GOOD way. Relax a little, it might not happen THIS season, but next season we're officially "back" in a BIG way.

Just wish I could say the same thing for Felton's team, any of them in the next 4-5 years. : /

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