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June 11, 2007

2005 Season Highlights Video

This one I posted a link to a long time ago. The audio track has explicit lyrics. It comes from Joe's myspace page. If anyone knows Joe, please ask him to email me at decaturdawg{at]Hotmail{dot]com. I'd like to get an WMV, AVI or MPEG version of this video. I was able to download it as an FLV file, but I can't get it to convert to a more useful format. PWD

2005 UGA Highlights

BTW -- Gotta love Reuben Houston's "Tech Man" move of trying to trip Jennings after the final INT. What a chump.



Anonymous said...

Maybe this can help you!

C. Paul said...

You stay classy Reuben - what a douche.....

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