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June 29, 2007 Old School Pic of the Week's Old School Picture of the Week comes from the 1983 Georgia vs. Clemson game. Terry Hoage goes for the blocked kick. (Click to Enlarge). is a great place to start your day as it provides the best in news aggregation for Georgia fans.



Anonymous said...

We tied Clemson that day, 16-16. Looking back at the early-to-mid 80's, there was no better rivalry in cfb than Uga vs Clemson. Butler beat them with a couple of last second field goals (84,85) and David Treadway did the same to us in '86 and '87 when we had that incredible backfield of Tate and Hampton. How we lost those games with those two is beyond me.

Yep, the best rivalry in college football in the early 80's when everything was on the line. The '82 game really special.

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