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June 29, 2007

SEC Scheduling News: Auburn adds home and home with Clemson

Tractor Porn seems appropriate for this post

Auburn continues the SEC trend of taking advantage of the 12th game to book a quality non-conference opponent. After wussing out on the non-conference slate from '04-'07, the Tigers are stepping up. They will play Clemson in 2010 (at AU) and 2011 (at CU). For Clemson this series replaces the recently cancelled match-up with Pitt.

Winner gets the lake.

Auburn's non-conference opponents:
    2007 - Kansas State, USF + 2 jobbers (all home)
    2008 - West Virginia, Southern Miss + 2 jobbers (all home)
    2009 - West Virginia, Southern Miss + 2 jobbers (only WVU away)
    2010 - Clemson (home)
    2011 - Clemson (away)
Clemson's non-conference opponents through 2016:
    2008 -- Citadel (H), UCF (H), vs. La. Tech (at Shreveport), SC (H)
    2009 -- La. Tech (H), MTSU (H), CMU (H), at SC
    2010 -- at Auburn, SC (H)
    2011 -- Auburn (H), at SC
    2012 -- at Vandy, SC (H)
    2013 -- Vandy (H), Georgia (H), at SC
    2014 -- at Georgia, SC (H)
    2015 -- Mississippi (H), at SC
    2016 -- at Mississippi, SC (H)
Non-conference opponents dropped from recent and future Clemson schedules:
    Auburn: 2006, 2007 -- Auburn dropped series.
    Ball State: 2010 (H)
    Oklahoma: 2008 (A), 2011 (H) -- Clemson dropped series.
    Pittsburgh: 2009 (H), 2010 (A) -- Clemson dropped series.
    Troy: 2011 (H) -- Troy dropped series.
Given both team's penchant for cancelling interesting sounding games, I'd put the odds of these games actually happening at 20%.

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JasonC said...

As I have noted before (and others have as well), these are really the same schools- same clock tower building, both have Tigers, both feature orange as a color, Bowden and Wingnut kinda look similar, both are Ag/Eng schools, the campuses are similar and you take I-85 to get to either of them. Aside from the studium and the lake & mountains near Clemson they are the same schools.

Unknown said...

Si - the difference is the lake.

Anonymous said...

Guys, you both know the old saying - "Clemson is Auburn with a lake".

Anonymous said...

It's just my opinion, but Clemson is Paris compared to Auburn. The relative dearth of student occupied manufactured housing, if nothing else, tilts the scale heavily to Clemson as a preferable....well, ok, less dismal...destination.

Clemson's stadium is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy superior to Auburn's, too. Much easier ingress and egress, although the in stadium holding cell and magistrate court (for scalpers and people caught in possession of alcohol) can have a distinct buzzkill effect on the game day experience.

Auburn is a flat, scrubby outpost populated by in state people who werent sharp enough to get into school in Tuscaloosa, and out of state people who werent smart enough to get into UGA. I'm not sure Clemson is much to brag about, but it has Auburn beat hands down in this observer's relatively unbiased opinion.

Anonymous said...

One big difference between the two schools is that Clemson can beat Tech.

Unknown said...

I have to agree with all school. If I were one of those poor sould who didn't make it into UGA and I were considering other nearby options, Auburn wouldn't get a second thought while Clemson would at least get consideration (mainly because of the lake).

Anonymous said...

Random comment, but is that a PRIEST sitting on the tractor? Man, this tractor porn IS as dirty as I've heard...

Unknown said...

+ 1 IBD

Anonymous said...

oh so who has georgia played nonconference that was actually good......hmmm boise state when they lost like 3 games that year....and colorado who won like 2 games yeah Auburn is stepping it up a lot more then georgia has

Unknown said...

Boise looked pretty good beating OU.

And when we booked Colorado they had just won 4 of the past 5 Big 12 North Titles. And they won the Big 12 in 2001.

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