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June 25, 2007

Drew Landers Update

As we discussed earlier today, the son of Georgia women's basketball coach Andy Landers was in the intensive care unit of Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta on Monday after sustaining head trauma Sunday evening in a car-truck collision in Alabama. Here are updates from the Athens Banner Herald and the AJC on Drew's condition.

Per the AJC:
"Drew sustained a head injury in the collision as well as a bruised lung. Other than that, there does not appear to be any additional injuries of consequence," Andy Landers said in a statement issued through the athletics association. "There has been no surgery and none scheduled at this point. The doctors and medical personnel at Grady Health System have been outstanding and from conversations with them we are very optimistic about his prognosis for recovery."
Per the Athens Banner Herald:
"Things are good; he's stable," Andy Landers said Monday afternoon from the hospital. "There aren't really any indicators that there is going to be anything permanent or sustained from it. I'll feel a lot better saying that (tomorrow) than I do today."

Drew Landers is being kept sedated and breathing with the help of oxygen tubes, his father said. Andy Landers said he expected his son to spend about a week at Grady. There is a risk with head injuries of seizures for seven to 10 days, Landers said.
Landers was one of three North Oconee High School students injured in a crash in Oxford, Ala., that killed junior varsity basketball coach Shawn Smith. The other two students were released from the hospital. The driver/assistant coach passed away. No word on funeral arrangements yet for Smith.



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