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June 18, 2007

Richt tells Ben Jones "You Complete Me"

"Today...our little 'project'...our 'offensive line'... had a very big day. But it wasn't complete....It wasn't nearly close to being in the same vicinity as complete.

I couldn't hear your voice. Screaming "NEXT!" to defensive tackles. I couldn't laugh and watch you toss 5 star DTs like so many sacks of taters. I...I missed my future center.

We live in a competitive world. A world where Neil Callaway didn't recruit many guys like you....I don't want you...I need you. You. Complete. Me." -- Mark Richt to Ben Jones at UGA's Camp
Ok, that's not really what happened. Richt didn't actually drop the Jerry Maguire living room speech on Jones, but it's not that far off. The AJC says that Jones, who is shooting up the recruiting rankings, dominated the Georgia camp, and he got his scholarship offer.

No. The other one.

Dean Legge of offers this analogy..."Nick Jones' size with a David Pollack-like attitude." Damn. That'll work.

Rivals has moved him up to the #10 Center prospect in the nation. We should know his final destination in a couple of weeks.

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JasonC said...

Getting Jones will help ease the pain of Harmon going to Clemson.

Anonymous said...

I really can't sweat the Harmon thing. Just like they did with Stuckey, those desperate Almost Competitive Conference tactics of "we promise you immediate playing time at the position of your choice!" won out in the end again it would seem. And hey, if the kid is all about some silly pregame ritual vs the actual post game results, well... again, I aint sweatin it. I want ballers who know their role and WANT to come to UGA. If Harmon don't, dogspeed young buck. Have fun wearin purple with that new coaching staff in 2 years!

Unknown said...

Any other year, I'd have been pretty disappointed about losing Harmon.

Hard to dwell on the negative when so much is going right. But it's still a long way to signing day.

Especially if Clemson has a coaching change.

Anonymous said...

Based on how Jones handled Harmon at the camp, wouldn't be too worried. We play Clemson in a few years, right?

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