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June 19, 2007

Thou Shalt Not Covet: Thy Neighbor's Players

Peter Bean at pulled together an interesting concept for a blog article. I'm just going to pretend that it's a roundtable topic, and I'm stealing the headline. Looking around our neighbors, what players do you covet the most?

My List:

1. Darren McFadden (Arkansas RB) - If the list didn't begin here, it wouldn't be worth reading. For my money, he's the best player in the country in 2007. I like Lumpkin, Brown, Moreno and King, but comparing them to McFadden is like comparing the car in your driveway to Jeff Gordon's Monte Carlo.

2. Andre Smith (Bama's OT) - During 2006, the Super Sophomore looked like one of the most dominating true freshmen OTs in many years. He was the lone bright spot on an otherwise horrific Bama offensive line. The big fella is reportedly in better shape this season, and he's already on every national watch list of interest. He would immediately start for the Dawgs at Left Tackle, and we'd all feel a lot better about next season without a true freshman OT starting for us.

Quentin Groves. The baddest 40 year old in the SEC.

3. Quentin Groves (Auburn DE) - It seems that Groves has been at Auburn since Stan White's freshman year. With more than 243 games so many games under his belt, the 38 year old senior defensive end has the experience, strength, size and speed that Georgia needs at the Rush End position. The alternative is starting 230 lbs (dripping wet) Marcus Howard for Georgia. Howard is a nice 3rd and long pass rusher, but watching him get mauled by big SEC OTs on running plays isn't pretty.

LSU WRs. Go figure.

4. Earl Bennett (WR, Vandy) - I could have just as easily listed Early Doucet at LSU. While Bennett doesn't have the top end speed of Doucet, I can't help but think of "The Kneel" when I think LSU receivers. (See above)

Jasper Brinkley

5. Jasper Brinkley (MLB, SC) - Maybe Brandon Miller is Ray Lewis meets Mike Singletary (without the bad glasses and bloody knife). But I like the way the run stuffing Gamecock plays. I thought about listing Phillip Wheeler (LB, Georgia Tech). He would've been an excellent choice as well.

Who are your Top 3-5 players from our rivals / neighbors? That you would love to see wearing Red and Black.

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Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Thinking less in terms of whom we need and more whom I'd just want to have, they'd be:

1. McFadden.
2. Percy Harvin (Florida WR/RB).
3. Simeon Castille (Alabama CB).

And while they're not really a "rival" on any day other than this September 1st, Oklahoma State has an RB (Dantrell Savage) and a WR (Adarius Bowman) who'd be great to have on our side.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that was #23 Xavier Carter on the LSU kickoff 'return'. He has since stopped playing football to focus on track & field.

The only time I've heard Sanford louder was during Odell's 100 yard INT return vs. Auburn in '03.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with McFadden, Smith, and Groves. But I would replace Earl Bennet with Percy Harvin and the kid from South Carolina with...Doucet. Let's air it out, no?

Unknown said...

You guys are totally right on Harvin. What a WHIFF!!!!!

And yeah...I know that's not Doucet in the video.

Anonymous said...

How can Glen Dorsey (or basically anyone starting on LSU's defensive line) not make anyone's list?

I may prefer Jerod Mayo over Brinkley.

Stay true with Bennett - he's a true WR. Uf has to get too creative to get Harvin the ball.

82 said...

Where's Tebow?

Unknown said...

I love Dorsey's game. I almost put him on here.

Anonymous said...

Goddawg posted:

Here is my list:

Chevis Jackson CB - LSU

Darren McFadden RB - Arkansas

Ali Highsmith LB - LSU

Percy Harvin WR - Fla

Derrick Harvey DE - Fla

We need a DE to step up; we need a LB and we desperately need a WR to step up.

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