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June 28, 2007

UGA vs. GT Tickets Now Available from Tech's Website

Georgia Tech is now selling tickets to the UGA game on its web site. The ticket is available via the three game "Flex Pack" via their web site. You can buy the tickets by going here.

You will need to enter promotional code "GTFP"

The Flex Pack allows you to buy tickets for any 3 games, and GT varies prices for games based on demand. For instance the UGA game cost $50 while VT (Thursday, Nov. 1st at 7:30 pm) and Clemson cost $45. I think Samford costs around $28. In other words, you can go the cheaper route and get UGA + Samford + Army and save a few bucks. Or you can go UGA + VT + Clemson (or UNC) and get the better games.

The better games total out to be $140 for the 3 games (total) + $10 shipping (per order). The cheaper games...obviously cost less. ;)

If you want slightly better tickets, you could contribute a few extra bucks to the "TECH Fund" and get better seats for $25 or so. I'm not sure how that works, but the idea of contributing on top of buying tix to a game I'll never see (clemson), made me puke a little in my own mouth.

Great seats near the UGA band were still available as of 12:30 am on June 28th.

The Virginia Tech game is appealing on Thursday night b/c it's the week after UGA vs. UF, and our very appearance during one of their games causes them deep distress. Good times.

If you need help dumping your Clemson or other game tix, you can feel free to list your extras on Just go to the link and click "sell" for the games in question. It's pretty easy.

Let's fill Bobby Dodd with Red. Like normal.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. I've bought this pkg several times over the years ... and I always feel so dirty after buying it. Just got two in 228, which is where I sat when Lump had his coming out party.

Maybe I should have held out for the free coke and hot dog package, but call me impulsive ... ;-)

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