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July 31, 2007

Noel Devine eat your heart out

There are great highlight videos and then there's the Noel Devine clips from his freshman year. Those Devine videos made him look like a cross between Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson and Carl Lewis.

Move over Devine. There's an 8 year old roughly 12-13 year old name Cody Paul that's set the new gold standard. (ht - The Big Lead and The Commission)

Cody's runs

And speaking of spectacular youth league football clips. Orson has a real gem.

UPDATE -- the comments thread has discussion that he's around 13 in that video. I'll buy that. No way he's 8...although that makes the whole thing dramatically funnier and I wish people hadn't given me the actual facts b/c it's more impressive at 8 years old.



Brandon Deen said...

Would it be too soon for Richt to start recruiting him? ;)

Anonymous said...

It would take me Chuck Norris hours to tackle that kid on a field the size of a basketball court.

Anonymous said...

And then I learned how to type:

It would take Chuck Norris (and me) eight hours to tackle that kid on a field the size of a basketball court.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only guy who spent the whole video trying to imagine what jackass would put together a highlight video of an 8 yr old kid?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 1:39 pm:

did you actually WATCH the highlights? It's actually a lot more impressive than watching the latest police blotter, errrrr, SportsCenter report on say, Mike Vick.

so what if some guy decided to put a highlight video of an 8 year old on the web? Does that not meet your high standards for internet content? When Al Gore invented the internet, I'm not sure he meant to make you the ultimate authority on content quality, but then again, he meant to get elected President. Stuff happens. I bet if the Dramatic Chipmunk video was posted, you'd hail it like it was the next Citizen Kane.

Instead of just laughing at the (relative) skills of this kid, or taking it for what it was worth, you had to go all Dolores Umbrage on us. God forbid anyone have any actual fun around here.

Of course, you could be a Tech fan who realizes that this kid would probably be no worse than the third best offensive weapon on your team this year, and you're just bitter.

Anonymous said...

C Paul is a silent commit to USC, it seems. And he's 14, not 8.

Unknown said...

he may be 14 now. but he's not 14 in that video. there ain't a 14 year old on that field.

They are 18-24 inches shorter than the refs.

Anonymous said...

I like how the kid just hands the ball to the referee after the touchdowns. He hasn't been corrupted by SportsCenter.

Anonymous said...

Geez, they run a more complicated offense than Mississippi State.

Anonymous said...

Good lord. Pop Warner football has come a long way from when I was a kid. These kids are doing well to just touch this kid. If he ran against any team I played for at that age, he wouldnt even break a sweat. Oh the days of the Tucker Football League...

Anonymous said...

Supposedly from the mouth of the kids coach

"Cody is NOT 8 years old, he is 13 years old. The film footage you’re watching is from our season last year (when he was 12years). They are of our first Regional game agaiinst Valencia Park (San Diego, CA); and our 2 Pop Warner Superbowl games vs Holliston Panthers (Red and white) and the San Marin Colts (Green and Yellow). We won all three of those games to go 15-0 and become the 2006 Pop Warner National Champions D-2 PEE WEE level (Warner Bracket).

The coaching he received and the players surrounding him were just as great. The prior 2 years, Cody played for another team, along with #20 that first year, and they amassed only 2 touchdowns in those years. The offensive line in front of him were outsized all year, and yet they were able to open up holes that a Mac-truck could go thru untouched. They were, and are, ALL awesome.

In closing please, know that Cody was a part of a GREAT team that did amazing things (last year was our second trip to Florida (back to Back) to coompete for the national Championship). All the players and their families made the coaching experience beyond phenominal. I am pleased, to know and have worked with them all. I do sincerely hope that this serves to clear up any misconceptions about Cody and the rest of 2006 Los Alamitos PEE WEE GRIFFINS!


Christopher Austin"

But on the internet who knows. But they did surely look older than 8 to me.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what is more disturbing....a white kid that is that fast or the "Make it Rain" playing while highlights rolled.....where was Pac-Man

Anonymous said...

Whoa, all school, looks like I've touched a nerve here.

Since we're making grand assumptions about each other, I'm going to assume that you're one of those parents who, like the guy who made this video, is constantly looking to promote his kid to the rest of the world. I can also see the helmet sticker with "Jordan" or whatever generic suburban name you gave your kid written inside of it. Or maybe you just have a sticker that looks like a softball crashing through the back of your SUV.

The point is that anyone making highlight tapes of their 8 yr old sons need to think about the message they're sending their kids.

This same parent probably already has this kid's teenage sports life pre-planned and will be making him drive all over the south to camps and games whether the kid wants it or not.

That's the problem with it Coach Daddy.

Unknown said...

think both of you are nuts on this one.

i'm the last guy in the world that would ever be a "football dad" or "coach dad."

But if my kid played, I would video all of his games. and if he were this good (which he won't be b/c he'll have my genetic code....see...westerdawgs aren't the fastest people) I am DEFINITELY geeky and/or obnoxious enough to put it to video. And I would definitely post it to the web.

Why not?

I don't see what the harm is. It's not like the dad said it was a recruiting video.

It's just a proud parent showing his boy going nutty.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty damned impressive at 13.

The only time I have seen 8 year olds play the helmets seem to always spin completely around on their heads.

That is what tipped me off.

If Cody Paul ever gets there this will be kinda like watching Tiger Woods on the tonight show when he was a kid.

It's a marker in time.

Anonymous said...

Offer him now.

The whole damn team is good though, look at those blocks and little reverse pitches and whatnot... keep your grades in order boys, I see some D1 potential on that field!

Anonymous said...

hes nice, but put him up against some real tacklers, not some pop warner kids. And how early do you need to bug a kid with recruiting and whatnot. But at least maybe hell grow up and learn from vick not to be a piece of crap

Anonymous said...

I'm still reeling at the revelation that this kid is white!
That kid can cut - sign him up!

Anonymous said...

if that kid is 12-13 that totally discredits that video. Who is he playing against?

pfffffft. When i was 9 i played against MUCH better backs than that in Gwinnett county.

Anonymous said...

Let USC have him, you put that kid against an SEC defence and he'd get crushed.....

Anonymous said...

WOW....LOL..there are really some people here trying to discredit a "LITTLE KID"

If he's 8 or 10 or 12...he's a little kid that at his pretty damn good. Just take the video for what it is...A kid having fun playing football!

"If he was facing better tacklers"...LOL...that was the most lame comment yet!

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