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August 9, 2007

Delighting in the Misery of Others

From EDSBS (click to enlarge)

Orson Swindle has been running a great series called "Daily Affirmations" in which he counts down the days towards football season with photos. I supplied today's photo and caption with the help of GTDean on TheHive.

The photo is from the 2000 GT vs. Clemson game in which Tech won on "The Catch" as time was running out. The picture reinforces my belief that delighting in the misery of others is at least half the fun of college football.



Unknown said...

I think the Catch was in 2004

Anonymous said...

The Watkins Catch was in 2000 and this is when these photos were taken. In 2004, that is the year Calvin had "The Catch II".


Anonymous said...

Dean is right. Calvin's catch was "The Catch II."

Anonymous said...

Trust me on this one William. I had Death Valley sod sitting on my desk the Monday after this photo was taken. lol.

Anonymous said...

Paul, it's called Schadenfreude. Taking comfort in the misery of others.

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