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August 15, 2007

Offensive Line: Building for the Future

Velasco and crew (image:

I apologize in advance for not remembering who tipped me off to this fact. It was either Dean Legge, Josh Kendall or David Ching. The offensive line's youth this year should pay off huge dividends in the future. How big?

Consider, that we only lose two seniors in 2007, 1 senior in 2008 and 1 senior in 2009. This is how the class separation works before the 2007 freshmen class gets their redshirts.

True FR
J. Anderson
C. Davis
V. Vance
S. Haverkamp
F. Velasco
T. Sturdivant
J. Davis

C. Adams
T. Strickland
K. Perez

B. Harden
K. Tripp

C. Little

C. Boling

Sure, there will be growing pains in the near future. Sure, we'll have 3 or more sophs starting along the OL next year. But down the road, the depth we FINALLY have acquired will pay off huge.

Heck, we could have four quality guys as three year (or more) starters in 2009.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting chart.. I think it's just as important to take it a step further. We can't repeat the recruiting mistakes of 2004 (3: Adams, Swoopes, Watts) and 2005 (1: Smith).

As of right now we've got 2 OL committed for the 2008 class (Jones, Owens) and we need at least 2 more good ones. Otherwise we end up back here again before the 2011 season.

Anonymous said...

Sounds familiar. Let's hope nobody flakes out and quits to play guitar or blows a shoulder.

Unknown said...

hobnail, I'd argue that we need 1 more good one in '07 b/c i think we're going to see Justin Anderson and Chris Little redshirt. We're also going to see 1 at least more from Boling and Harden redshirt.

That would give us 6 FR OL next year (3 redshirts + 3 new recruits).

That's plenty.

peacedog said...

I think we've got our sights on 2 more for a class of 4, with two so called "OTs" among the prospects. I have no idea if the staff would settle for 1 more and be done, of course.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I didn't realize Bean was a probable redshirt. Having said that, I think we both agree that it'd be better to get 1 top-line guy than 2 bodies at this point. I'm just hoping we get to a point where it's 4 a year instead of the 3-1-6-4 "pattern".

Jones will almost assuredly play in '08, who knows about Owens.

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